Special issues


Advances in interdisciplinary studies at multiple scales in the Mediterranean Sea, 2021
Eds. Alejandro Orfila, Vanessa Cardin, Sarantis Sofianos, Gianmaria Sannino, and Anna Rubio
Air-sea flux climatology; progress and future prospects (BG/ACP/OS inter-journal SI), 2014
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Arctic Summer Cloud Ocean Study (ASCOS) (ACP/AMT/OS inter-journal SI), 2011
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Biogeochemistry in the BGC-Argo era: from process studies to ecosystem forecasts (BG/OS inter-journal SI), 2020
Eds. Paolo Lazzari, Giorgio Dall'Olmo, Alexandre Mignot, and Piers Chapman


COSYNA: integrating observations and modeling to understand coastal systems (OS/BG inter-journal SI), 2016
Eds. P. Testor, O. Zielinski, H. Brix, K. Juniper, H. W. Bange, R. Dewey, T. Gerkema, and B. Baschek
Climate–carbon–cryosphere interactions in the East Siberian Arctic Ocean: past, present and future (TC/BG/CP/OS inter-journal SI), 2016
Eds. L.G. Anderson, T. Tesi, and M. Hoppema
Coastal marine infrastructure in support of monitoring, science, and policy strategies, 2018
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Coastal modelling and uncertainties based on CMEMS products, 2018
Eds. J. M. Huthnance, A. Sánchez-Arcilla, J. Staneva, and M. Espino Infantes
Concerted multidisciplinary and multi-platform eddy studies off West Africa: mesoscale and sub-mesoscale dynamics and physical-chemical-biological coupling (BG/ESSD/OS inter-journal SI), 2021
Eds. Anthony Bosse, Jack Middelburg, Koji Suzuki, Tina Treude, and Oliver Zielinski


Data assimilation techniques and applications in coastal and open seas, 2023
Eds. Marco Bajo, Philip Browne, Matthew Martin, Andrea Storto, and Jiping Xie
Deep ocean exchange with the shelf, 2009
Eds. J. Johnson and P. Chapman
Development and deployment of regional ocean configurations for Modular Ocean Model 6 (MOM6) (GMD/OS inter-journal SI), 2023
Eds. OS editors | Coordinator: Charles Stock
Developments in the science and history of tides (OS/ACP/HGSS/NPG/SE inter-journal SI), 2018
Eds. P.L. Woodworth, R.D. Ray, M. Green, and J.M. Huthnance


ECOOP (European Coastal-shelf sea Operational Observing and forecasting system Project), 2011
Eds. N. Pinardi, O. Krarup Leth, S. Cailleau, E. Stanev, P. Oddo, M. D. Skogen, and G. Korotaev
Earth Observation for Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions Science (OS/BG inter-journal SI), 2012
Eds. D. F. Prieto, B. Barnier, R. Sabia, C. Garbe, B. Ward, C. Donlon, A. Sterl, and C. Robinson
Extremes in the marine environment: analysis of multi-temporal and multi-scale dynamics using observations, models, and machine learning techniques, 2024
Eds. Antonio Ricchi, Giovanni Liguori, Matjaz Licer, Milena Menna, Clea Denamiel, Aida Alvera-Azcárate, Joanna Staneva, and John C. Warner


Hydrological cycle in the Mediterranean (ACP/AMT/GMD/HESS/NHESS/OS inter-journal SI), 2013
Eds. M. Meier, G. T. Aronica, C. Barthlott, D. Cimini, V. Kotroni, E. Martin, R. Moussa, K. Schroeder, H. Wernli, and V. Ducrocq


Ice-Atmosphere-Ocean interactions in the Arctic Ocean during IPY: the Damocles project (ACP/OS/TC inter-journal SI), 2011
Eds. O. Persson, T. Garrett, K. Dethloff, H. Eicken, J. M. Huthnance, and K. J. Heywood



Ocean Science Jubilee: reviews and perspectives, 2024
Eds. OS editors | Coordinator: Karen J. Heywood
Ocean deoxygenation: drivers and consequences – past, present and future (BG/CP/OS inter-journal SI), 2019
Eds. Toshio Suga, Minhan Dai, Kenneth Rose, and Xavier Capet
Ocean sensors, 2008
Eds. T. Dickey, R. Prien, and G. Griffiths
Oceanographic processes on the continental shelf: observations and modeling, 2015
Eds. S. Carniel, J. Wolf, V. E. Brando, and L. H. Kantha
Oceanography at coastal scales: modelling, coupling, observations, and applications, 2023
Eds. John M. Huthnance, Agustín Sánchez-Arcilla, Manuel Espino Infantes, Joanna Staneva, Sandro Carniel, and Davide Bonaldo
Operational oceanography in Europe 2014 in support of blue and green growth, 2015
Eds. J. A. Johannessen, D. Mills, A. Crise, H. Wehde, H. Bonekamp, P.-Y. Le Traon, and N. Pinardi


Physical, chemical and biological oceanography of the Mediterranean Sea, 2013
Eds. S. Sparnocchia, N. Kress, T. Tanhua, and M. Hoppema


REP14-MED: A Glider Fleet Experiment in a Limited Marine Area, 2016
Eds. G. Nurser, J. Chiggiato, K. J. Heywood, G. Quattrocchi, R. Onken, and A. Russo


Sea2Cloud (ACP/OS inter-journal SI), 2022
Eds. Karine Sellegri, Cliff Law, Mike Harvey, Lynn M. Russell, and Mario Hoppema
Shipping and the Environment – From Regional to Global Perspectives (ACP/OS inter-journal SI), 2018
Eds. J. M. Huthnance and D. Turner
Special Issue for the 54th International Liège Colloquium on Machine Learning and Data Analysis in Oceanography, 2023
Eds. Alexander Barth, Julien Brajard, Matjaz Licer, Xiaofeng Li, Ana Ruescas, and Aida Alvera-Azcárate
Surface Ocean Aerosol Production (SOAP) (ACP/OS inter-journal SI), 2014
Eds. C. Law, M. Harvey, M. Smith, P. Quinn, N. Harris, and M. Hoppema
Synoptic Antarctic Shelf-Slope Interactions (SASSI), 2011
Eds. K. J. Heywood, R. Muench, and G. Williams


The BONUS-GoodHope IPY project: dynamics and biogeochemistry interactions in the Southern Ocean south off Africa (OS/BG inter-journal SI), 2011
Eds. S. Speich, F. Dehairs, M.-A. Sicre, A. V. Borges, and M. Hoppema
The Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS): scientific advances, 2018
Eds. J. M. Huthnance, P.-Y. Le Traon, A. Melet, M. Tonani, E. Stanev, M. Grégoire, and A. Pascual
The EU Project SHIVA (Stratospheric Ozone: Halogen Impacts in a Varying Atmosphere) (ACP/AMT/BG/OS inter-journal SI), 2013
Eds. W. T. Sturges, J. Williams, G. Roberts, C. Robinson, and R. Sander
The MERSEA Project, 2009
Eds. M. Hecht, G. B. Brassington, and L. Bertino
The MyOcean project: scientific advances for operational ocean monitoring and forecasting, 2012
Eds. P. Brasseur, M. Bell, J. A. Johannessen, P.-Y. Le Traon, and A. Schiller
The Weddell Sea and the ocean off Dronning Maud Land: unique oceanographic conditions shape circumpolar and global processes – a multi-disciplinary study (OS/BG/TC inter-journal SI), 2021
Eds. Markus Janout, Laura de Steur, Sebastien Moreau, Mia Wege, Mario Hoppema, Christian Haas, and Carol Robinson
Thermophysical properties of seawater, 2008
Eds. R. Feistel, R. Tailleux, and T. McDougall
Towards an integrated Arctic observation system to fill gaps of observing system across the atmosphere, ocean, cryosphere, geosphere, and terrestrial ecosystems, 2021
Eds. Marie-Noelle Houssais, Florent Dominé, Agnieszka Beszczynska-Möller, Erik Buch, and Mario Hoppema


Understanding the Indian Ocean system: past, present and future (BG/ACP/OS/SE inter-journal SI), 2020
Eds. Hermann Bange, Raleigh Hood, Viviane Menezes, Colin W. Devey, and Markus Meier


VAMOS Ocean-Cloud-Atmosphere-Land Study (VOCALS) (ACP/OS inter-journal SI), 2009
Eds. C. R. Mechoso, B. Albrecht, H. Coe, C. Fairall, G. Feingold, R. Garreaud, A. Hall, R. Weller, R. Wood, C. Twohy, and M. Alonso Balmaseda
CC BY 4.0