ECOOP (European Coastal-shelf sea Operational Observing and forecasting system Project)
ECOOP (European Coastal-shelf sea Operational Observing and forecasting system Project)
Editor(s): N. Pinardi, O. Krarup Leth, S. Cailleau, E. Stanev, P. Oddo, M. D. Skogen, and G. Korotaev

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30 Mar 2012
ENSURF: multi-model sea level forecast – implementation and validation results for the IBIROOS and Western Mediterranean regions
B. Pérez, R. Brouwer, J. Beckers, D. Paradis, C. Balseiro, K. Lyons, M. Cure, M. G. Sotillo, B. Hackett, M. Verlaan, and E. A. Fanjul
Ocean Sci., 8, 211–226,,, 2012
14 Mar 2012
Black Sea coastal forecasting system
A. I. Kubryakov, G. K. Korotaev, V. L. Dorofeev, Y. B. Ratner, A. Palazov, N. Valchev, V. Malciu, R. Mateescu, and T. Oguz
Ocean Sci., 8, 183–196,,, 2012
08 Mar 2012
Towards a regional ocean forecasting system for the IBI (Iberia-Biscay-Ireland area): developments and improvements within the ECOOP project framework
S. Cailleau, J. Chanut, J.-M. Lellouche, B. Levier, C. Maraldi, G. Reffray, and M. G. Sotillo
Ocean Sci., 8, 143–159,,, 2012
24 Jan 2012
The impacts of physical processes on oxygen variations in the North Sea-Baltic Sea transition zone
L. Jonasson, J. L. S. Hansen, Z. Wan, and J. She
Ocean Sci., 8, 37–48,,, 2012
29 Nov 2011
Usefulness of high resolution coastal models for operational oil spill forecast: the "Full City" accident
G. Broström, A. Carrasco, L. R. Hole, S. Dick, F. Janssen, J. Mattsson, and S. Berger
Ocean Sci., 7, 805–820,,, 2011
25 Nov 2011
Operational forecast of hydrophysical fields in the Georgian Black Sea coastal zone within the ECOOP
A. A. Kordzadze and D. I. Demetrashvili
Ocean Sci., 7, 793–803,,, 2011
22 Nov 2011
A pre-operational three Dimensional variational data assimilation system in the North/Baltic Sea
S. Y. Zhuang, W. W. Fu, and J. She
Ocean Sci., 7, 771–781,,, 2011
08 Nov 2011
Mean Dynamic Topography of the Black Sea, computed from altimetry, drifter measurements and hydrology data
A. A. Kubryakov and S. V. Stanichny
Ocean Sci., 7, 745–753,,, 2011
31 Oct 2011
N/P ratio of nutrient uptake in the Baltic Sea
Z. Wan, L. Jonasson, and H. Bi
Ocean Sci., 7, 693–704,,, 2011
31 Oct 2011
Annual cycles of chlorophyll-a, non-algal suspended particulate matter, and turbidity observed from space and in-situ in coastal waters
F. Gohin
Ocean Sci., 7, 705–732,,, 2011
24 Oct 2011
The Aegean sea marine security decision support system
L. Perivoliotis, G. Krokos, K. Nittis, and G. Korres
Ocean Sci., 7, 671–683,,, 2011
11 Oct 2011
Development of Black Sea nowcasting and forecasting system
G. K. Korotaev, T. Oguz, V. L. Dorofeyev, S. G. Demyshev, A. I. Kubryakov, and Yu. B. Ratner
Ocean Sci., 7, 629–649,,, 2011
14 Sep 2011
Coastal observing and forecasting system for the German Bight – estimates of hydrophysical states
E. V. Stanev, J. Schulz-Stellenfleth, J. Staneva, S. Grayek, J. Seemann, and W. Petersen
Ocean Sci., 7, 569–583,,, 2011
06 Sep 2011
A study of the hydrographic conditions in the Adriatic Sea from numerical modelling and direct observations (2000–2008)
P. Oddo and A. Guarnieri
Ocean Sci., 7, 549–567,,, 2011
31 Aug 2011
Coastal sea responses to atmospheric forcings at two different resolutions
Z. B. Klaić, Z. Pasarić, G. Beg Paklar, and P. Oddo
Ocean Sci., 7, 521–532,,, 2011
22 Aug 2011
Numerical simulation and decomposition of kinetic energy in the Central Mediterranean: insight on mesoscale circulation and energy conversion
R. Sorgente, A. Olita, P. Oddo, L. Fazioli, and A. Ribotti
Ocean Sci., 7, 503–519,,, 2011
04 Jul 2011
An ECOOP web portal for visualising and comparing distributed coastal oceanography model and in situ data
A. L. Gemmell, R. M. Barciela, J. D. Blower, K. Haines, Q. Harpham, K. Millard, M. R. Price, and A. Saulter
Ocean Sci., 7, 445–454,,, 2011
27 May 2011
Comparison of SeaWiFS and MODIS time series of inherent optical properties for the Adriatic Sea
F. Mélin
Ocean Sci., 7, 351–361,,, 2011
18 Apr 2011
Numerical modelling of thermodynamics and dynamics of sea ice in the Baltic Sea
A. Herman, J. Jedrasik, and M. Kowalewski
Ocean Sci., 7, 257–276,,, 2011
28 Jan 2011
Assessment of the three dimensional temperature and salinity observational networks in the Baltic Sea and North Sea
W. Fu, J. L. Høyer, and J. She
Ocean Sci., 7, 75–90,,, 2011
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