Mediterranean Ocean Forecasting System: toward environmental predictions - the results
Mediterranean Ocean Forecasting System: toward environmental predictions - the results
Editor(s): N. Pinardi

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18 Feb 2010
Preface "Operational oceanography in the Mediterranean Sea: the second stage of development"
N. Pinardi and G. Coppini
Ocean Sci., 6, 263–267,,, 2010
24 Jan 2008
A high-resolution free-surface model of the Mediterranean Sea
M. Tonani, N. Pinardi, S. Dobricic, I. Pujol, and C. Fratianni
Ocean Sci., 4, 1–14,,, 2008
07 Dec 2009
Mediterranean Forecasting System: forecast and analysis assessment through skill scores
M. Tonani, N. Pinardi, C. Fratianni, J. Pistoia, S. Dobricic, S. Pensieri, M. de Alfonso, and K. Nittis
Ocean Sci., 5, 649–660,,, 2009
27 Apr 2009
"Scale oriented" embedded modeling of the North-Western Mediterranean in the frame of MFSTEP
C. Estournel, F. Auclair, M. Lux, C. Nguyen, and P. Marsaleix
Ocean Sci., 5, 73–90,,, 2009
15 Feb 2008
Operational ocean models in the Adriatic Sea: a skill assessment
J. Chiggiato and P. Oddo
Ocean Sci., 4, 61–71,,, 2008
08 Mar 2007
Daily oceanographic analyses by Mediterranean Forecasting System at the basin scale
S. Dobricic, N. Pinardi, M. Adani, M. Tonani, C. Fratianni, A. Bonazzi, and V. Fernandez
Ocean Sci., 3, 149–157,,, 2007
08 Aug 2007
MedArgo: a drifting profiler program in the Mediterranean Sea
P.-M. Poulain, R. Barbanti, J. Font, A. Cruzado, C. Millot, I. Gertman, A. Griffa, A. Molcard, V. Rupolo, S. Le Bras, and L. Petit de la Villeon
Ocean Sci., 3, 379–395,,, 2007
11 Jul 2007
Assessment of the importance of the current-wave coupling in the shelf ocean forecasts
G. Jordà, R. Bolaños, M. Espino, and A. Sánchez-Arcilla
Ocean Sci., 3, 345–362,,, 2007
04 May 2007
Simulations of ARGO profilers and of surface floating objects: applications in MFSTEP
C. Pizzigalli and V. Rupolo
Ocean Sci., 3, 205–222,,, 2007
23 May 2007
The improvements of the ships of opportunity program in MFS-TEP
G. M. R. Manzella, F. Reseghetti, G. Coppini, M. Borghini, A. Cruzado, C. Galli, I. Gertman, T. Gervais, D. Hayes, C. Millot, A. Murashkovsky, E. Özsoy, C. Tziavos, Z. Velasquez, and G. Zodiatis
Ocean Sci., 3, 245–258,,, 2007
21 Aug 2007
Assimilation of ocean colour data into a Biogeochemical Flux Model of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea
G. Triantafyllou, G. Korres, I. Hoteit, G. Petihakis, and A. C. Banks
Ocean Sci., 3, 397–410,,, 2007
04 Jun 2007
Development of a new expendable probe for the study of pelagic ecosystems from voluntary observing ships
M. Marcelli, A. Di Maio, D. Donis, U. Mainardi, and G. M. R. Manzella
Ocean Sci., 3, 311–320,,, 2007
08 Feb 2007
Factors affecting the quality of XBT data – results of analyses on profiles from the Western Mediterranean Sea
F. Reseghetti, M. Borghini, and G. M. R. Manzella
Ocean Sci., 3, 59–75,,, 2007
20 Feb 2009
Eastern Mediterranean biogeochemical flux model – Simulations of the pelagic ecosystem
G. Petihakis, G. Triantafyllou, K. Tsiaras, G. Korres, A. Pollani, and I. Hoteit
Ocean Sci., 5, 29–46,,, 2009
21 May 2007
The M3A multi-sensor buoy network of the Mediterranean Sea
K. Nittis, C. Tziavos, R. Bozzano, V. Cardin, Y. Thanos, G. Petihakis, M. E. Schiano, and F. Zanon
Ocean Sci., 3, 229–243,,, 2007
09 Feb 2007
Modeling of the circulation in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea with the Princeton Ocean Model
M. A. Ahumada and A. Cruzado
Ocean Sci., 3, 77–89,,, 2007
30 May 2007
Observing the Mediterranean Sea from space: 21 years of Pathfinder-AVHRR sea surface temperatures (1985 to 2005): re-analysis and validation
S. Marullo, B. Buongiorno Nardelli, M. Guarracino, and R. Santoleri
Ocean Sci., 3, 299–310,,, 2007
03 Apr 2007
Development of an automatic multiple launcher for expendable probes
G. Zappalà, F. Reseghetti, and G. M. R. Manzella
Ocean Sci., 3, 173–178,,, 2007
02 May 2007
An observing system for the collection of fishery and oceanographic data
P. Falco, A. Belardinelli, A. Santojanni, N. Cingolani, A. Russo, and E. Arneri
Ocean Sci., 3, 189–203,,, 2007
13 Feb 2007
Modelling the cohesive sediment transport in the marine environment: the case of Thermaikos Gulf
Y. N. Krestenitis, K. D. Kombiadou, and Y. G. Savvidis
Ocean Sci., 3, 91–104,,, 2007
05 Dec 2006
Assessment of the impact of TS assimilation from ARGO floats in the Mediterranean Sea
A. Griffa, A. Molcard, F. Raicich, and V. Rupolo
Ocean Sci., 2, 237–248,,, 2006
17 Oct 2006
Analysis of the circulation and shelf-slope exchanges in the continental margin of the northwestern Mediterranean
A. Jordi, G. Basterretxea, A. Orfila, and J. Tintoré
Ocean Sci., 2, 173–181,,, 2006
08 Dec 2006
Transformation of Levantine Intermediate Water tracked by MEDARGO floats in the Western Mediterranean
M. Emelianov, J. Font, A. Turiel, C. Millot, J. Solé, P.-M. Poulain, A. Julià, and M.-R. Vitrià
Ocean Sci., 2, 281–290,,, 2006
05 Oct 2006
Simulating biomass assimilation in a Mediterranean ecosystem model using SOFA: setup and identical twin experiments
G. Crispi, M. Pacciaroni, and D. Viezzoli
Ocean Sci., 2, 123–136,,, 2006
24 May 2007
Improved near real time surface wind resolution over the Mediterranean Sea
A. Bentamy, H.-L. Ayina, P. Queffeulou, D. Croize-Fillon, and V. Kerbaol
Ocean Sci., 3, 259–271,,, 2007
04 Feb 2008
Operational ocean forecasting in the Eastern Mediterranean: implementation and evaluation
G. Zodiatis, R. Lardner, D. R. Hayes, G. Georgiou, S. Sofianos, N. Skliris, and A. Lascaratos
Ocean Sci., 4, 31–47,,, 2008
24 Jan 2007
A nested circulation model for the North Aegean Sea
V. Kourafalou and K. Tsiaras
Ocean Sci., 3, 1–16,,, 2007
01 Sep 2006
Atmospheric forcing by ALADIN/MFSTEP and MFSTEP oriented tunings
R. Brožková, M. Derková, M. Belluš, and A. Farda
Ocean Sci., 2, 113–121,,, 2006
22 Nov 2006
Implementation of position assimilation for ARGO floats in a realistic Mediterranean Sea OPA model and twin experiment testing
V. Taillandier and A. Griffa
Ocean Sci., 2, 223–236,,, 2006
31 Oct 2006
Study of the combined effects of data assimilation and grid nesting in ocean models – application to the Gulf of Lions
L. Vandenbulcke, A. Barth, M. Rixen, A. Alvera-Azcarate, Z. Ben Bouallegue, and J. M. Beckers
Ocean Sci., 2, 213–222,,, 2006
30 Jan 2007
The Sicily Channel Regional Model forecasting system: initial boundary conditions sensitivity and case study evaluation
S. Gaberšek, R. Sorgente, S. Natale, A. Ribotti, A. Olita, M. Astraldi, and M. Borghini
Ocean Sci., 3, 31–41,,, 2007
24 May 2007
Effects of the 2003 European heatwave on the Central Mediterranean Sea: surface fluxes and the dynamical response
A. Olita, R. Sorgente, S. Natale, S. Gaberšek, A. Ribotti, A. Bonanno, and B. Patti
Ocean Sci., 3, 273–289,,, 2007
30 Aug 2006
The assessment of temperature and salinity sampling strategies in the Mediterranean Sea: idealized and real cases
F. Raicich
Ocean Sci., 2, 97–112,,, 2006
23 Feb 2007
M3A system (2000–2005) – operation and maintenance
G. Petihakis, P. Drakopoulos, C. Nittis, V. Zervakis, C. Christodoulou, and C. Tziavos
Ocean Sci., 3, 117–128,,, 2007
CC BY 4.0