The MyOcean project: scientific advances for operational ocean monitoring and forecasting
The MyOcean project: scientific advances for operational ocean monitoring and forecasting
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12 Jun 2013
Ocean state indicators from MyOcean altimeter products
L. Bessières, M. H. Rio, C. Dufau, C. Boone, and M. I. Pujol
Ocean Sci., 9, 545–560,,, 2013
07 Mar 2013
Towards an integrated forecasting system for fisheries on habitat-bound stocks
A. Christensen, M. Butenschön, Z. Gürkan, and I. J. Allen
Ocean Sci., 9, 261–279,,, 2013
17 Jan 2013
Evaluation of global monitoring and forecasting systems at Mercator Océan
J.-M. Lellouche, O. Le Galloudec, M. Drévillon, C. Régnier, E. Greiner, G. Garric, N. Ferry, C. Desportes, C.-E. Testut, C. Bricaud, R. Bourdallé-Badie, B. Tranchant, M. Benkiran, Y. Drillet, A. Daudin, and C. De Nicola
Ocean Sci., 9, 57–81,,, 2013
10 Jan 2013
The CORA dataset: validation and diagnostics of in-situ ocean temperature and salinity measurements
C. Cabanes, A. Grouazel, K. von Schuckmann, M. Hamon, V. Turpin, C. Coatanoan, F. Paris, S. Guinehut, C. Boone, N. Ferry, C. de Boyer Montégut, T. Carval, G. Reverdin, S. Pouliquen, and P.-Y. Le Traon
Ocean Sci., 9, 1–18,,, 2013
18 Dec 2012
Predictions for oil slicks detected from satellite images using MyOcean forecasting data
G. Zodiatis, R. Lardner, D. Solovyov, X. Panayidou, and M. De Dominicis
Ocean Sci., 8, 1105–1115,,, 2012
21 Nov 2012
Validation of the NEMO-ERSEM operational ecosystem model for the North West European Continental Shelf
K. P. Edwards, R. Barciela, and M. Butenschön
Ocean Sci., 8, 983–1000,,, 2012
08 Nov 2012
Arctic surface temperatures from Metop AVHRR compared to in situ ocean and land data
G. Dybkjær, R. Tonboe, and J. L. Høyer
Ocean Sci., 8, 959–970,,, 2012
29 Oct 2012
Modelling temperature and salinity in Liverpool Bay and the Irish Sea: sensitivity to model type and surface forcing
C. K. O'Neill, J. A. Polton, J. T. Holt, and E. J. O'Dea
Ocean Sci., 8, 903–913,,, 2012
19 Oct 2012
Towards high resolution mapping of 3-D mesoscale dynamics from observations
B. Buongiorno Nardelli, S. Guinehut, A. Pascual, Y. Drillet, S. Ruiz, and S. Mulet
Ocean Sci., 8, 885–901,,, 2012
16 Oct 2012
The Mediterranean Ocean Colour Observing System – system development and product validation
G. Volpe, S. Colella, V. Forneris, C. Tronconi, and R. Santoleri
Ocean Sci., 8, 869–883,,, 2012
09 Oct 2012
High resolution 3-D temperature and salinity fields derived from in situ and satellite observations
S. Guinehut, A.-L. Dhomps, G. Larnicol, and P.-Y. Le Traon
Ocean Sci., 8, 845–857,,, 2012
18 Sep 2012
Assimilation of SLA along track observations in the Mediterranean with an oceanographic model forced by atmospheric pressure
S. Dobricic, C. Dufau, P. Oddo, N. Pinardi, I. Pujol, and M.-H. Rio
Ocean Sci., 8, 787–795,,, 2012
18 Sep 2012
Obstacles and benefits of the implementation of a reduced-rank smoother with a high resolution model of the tropical Atlantic Ocean
N. Freychet, E. Cosme, P. Brasseur, J.-M. Brankart, and E. Kpemlie
Ocean Sci., 8, 797–811,,, 2012
18 Sep 2012
Fate of river Tiber discharge investigated through numerical simulation and satellite monitoring
R. Inghilesi, L. Ottolenghi, A. Orasi, C. Pizzi, F. Bignami, and R. Santoleri
Ocean Sci., 8, 773–786,,, 2012
05 Sep 2012
Assimilating GlobColour ocean colour data into a pre-operational physical-biogeochemical model
D. A. Ford, K. P. Edwards, D. Lea, R. M. Barciela, M. J. Martin, and J. Demaria
Ocean Sci., 8, 751–771,,, 2012
31 Aug 2012
An operational model for the West Iberian coast: products and services
M. Mateus, G. Riflet, P. Chambel, L. Fernandes, R. Fernandes, M. Juliano, F. Campuzano, H. de Pablo, and R. Neves
Ocean Sci., 8, 713–732,,, 2012
30 Aug 2012
Assessment of a physical-biogeochemical coupled model system for operational service in the Baltic Sea
Z. Wan, J. She, M. Maar, L. Jonasson, and J. Baasch-Larsen
Ocean Sci., 8, 683–701,,, 2012
15 Aug 2012
TOPAZ4: an ocean-sea ice data assimilation system for the North Atlantic and Arctic
P. Sakov, F. Counillon, L. Bertino, K. A. Lisæter, P. R. Oke, and A. Korablev
Ocean Sci., 8, 633–656,,, 2012
08 Aug 2012
Estimation of positive sum-to-one constrained zooplankton grazing preferences with the DEnKF: a twin experiment
E. Simon, A. Samuelsen, L. Bertino, and D. Dumont
Ocean Sci., 8, 587–602,,, 2012
30 Jul 2012
Validation of FOAM near-surface ocean current forecasts using Lagrangian drifting buoys
E. W. Blockley, M. J. Martin, and P. Hyder
Ocean Sci., 8, 551–565,,, 2012
17 Jul 2012
Impact of SLA assimilation in the Sicily Channel Regional Model: model skills and mesoscale features
A. Olita, S. Dobricic, A. Ribotti, L. Fazioli, A. Cucco, C. Dufau, and R. Sorgente
Ocean Sci., 8, 485–496,,, 2012
16 Jul 2012
Operational SAR-based sea ice drift monitoring over the Baltic Sea
J. Karvonen
Ocean Sci., 8, 473–483,,, 2012
10 Jul 2012
Support to oil spill emergencies in the Bonifacio Strait, western Mediterranean
A. Cucco, A. Ribotti, A. Olita, L. Fazioli, B. Sorgente, M. Sinerchia, A. Satta, A. Perilli, M. Borghini, K. Schroeder, and R. Sorgente
Ocean Sci., 8, 443–454,,, 2012
07 Jun 2012
Transports and budgets in a 1/4 ° global ocean reanalysis 1989–2010
K. Haines, M. Valdivieso, H. Zuo, and V. N. Stepanov
Ocean Sci., 8, 333–344,,, 2012
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