The Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS): scientific advances
The Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS): scientific advances
Editor(s): J. M. Huthnance, P.-Y. Le Traon, A. Melet, M. Tonani, E. Stanev, M. Grégoire, and A. Pascual
This special issue will cover scientific advances and R&D achievements from the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS) during its first phase of implementation (2015-2018). The CMEMS is the operational marine service of the EU Copernicus Programme, which establishes a unique European capacity for Earth observation and monitoring. CMEMS provides regular and systematic reference information on the physical state, variability and dynamics of the ocean and marine ecosystems for the global ocean and the European regional seas. This capacity encompasses the description of the current situation (analysis), the variability on different spatial and temporal scales, the prediction of the situation a few days ahead (forecast), and the provision of consistent retrospective data records for recent years (reanalyses and reprocessed datasets). CMEMS provides a sustainable response to European user needs in four areas of benefits: (i) maritime safety; (ii) marine resources; (iii) coastal and marine environment; (iv) weather, seasonal forecast and climate.

This special issue is open to all submissions within its scope. Contributions will include papers from the (1) CMEMS production centres for both satellite and in situ observations and modelling/assimilation, (2) CMEMS-funded R&D service evolution projects (e.g., and (3) CMEMS cross-cutting scientific coordination activities on multi-year products and ocean state assessment and product quality evaluation.

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16 Dec 2019
The Arctic Front and its variability in the Norwegian Sea
Roshin P. Raj, Sourav Chatterjee, Laurent Bertino, Antonio Turiel, and Marcos Portabella
Ocean Sci., 15, 1729–1744,,, 2019
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04 Dec 2019
The CORA 5.2 dataset for global in situ temperature and salinity measurements: data description and validation
Tanguy Szekely, Jérôme Gourrion, Sylvie Pouliquen, and Gilles Reverdin
Ocean Sci., 15, 1601–1614,,, 2019
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15 Nov 2019
Modelling the marine ecosystem of Iberia–Biscay–Ireland (IBI) European waters for CMEMS operational applications
Elodie Gutknecht, Guillaume Reffray, Alexandre Mignot, Tomasz Dabrowski, and Marcos G. Sotillo
Ocean Sci., 15, 1489–1516,,, 2019
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07 Oct 2019
Assessment of ocean analysis and forecast from an atmosphere–ocean coupled data assimilation operational system
Catherine Guiavarc'h, Jonah Roberts-Jones, Chris Harris, Daniel J. Lea, Andrew Ryan, and Isabella Ascione
Ocean Sci., 15, 1307–1326,,, 2019
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12 Sep 2019
DUACS DT2018: 25 years of reprocessed sea level altimetry products
Guillaume Taburet, Antonio Sanchez-Roman, Maxime Ballarotta, Marie-Isabelle Pujol, Jean-François Legeais, Florent Fournier, Yannice Faugere, and Gerald Dibarboure
Ocean Sci., 15, 1207–1224,,, 2019
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06 Sep 2019
Evaluation of Arctic Ocean surface salinities from the Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) mission against a regional reanalysis and in situ data
Jiping Xie, Roshin P. Raj, Laurent Bertino, Annette Samuelsen, and Tsuyoshi Wakamatsu
Ocean Sci., 15, 1191–1206,,, 2019
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27 Aug 2019
The impact of a new high-resolution ocean model on the Met Office North-West European Shelf forecasting system
Marina Tonani, Peter Sykes, Robert R. King, Niall McConnell, Anne-Christine Péquignet, Enda O'Dea, Jennifer A. Graham, Jeff Polton, and John Siddorn
Ocean Sci., 15, 1133–1158,,, 2019
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20 Aug 2019
On the resolutions of ocean altimetry maps
Maxime Ballarotta, Clément Ubelmann, Marie-Isabelle Pujol, Guillaume Taburet, Florent Fournier, Jean-François Legeais, Yannice Faugère, Antoine Delepoulle, Dudley Chelton, Gérald Dibarboure, and Nicolas Picot
Ocean Sci., 15, 1091–1109,,, 2019
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20 Aug 2019
New insight into 3-D mesoscale eddy properties from CMEMS operational models in the western Mediterranean
Evan Mason, Simón Ruiz, Romain Bourdalle-Badie, Guillaume Reffray, Marcos García-Sotillo, and Ananda Pascual
Ocean Sci., 15, 1111–1131,,, 2019
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02 Aug 2019
Using canonical correlation analysis to produce dynamically based and highly efficient statistical observation operators
Eric Jansen, Sam Pimentel, Wang-Hung Tse, Dimitra Denaxa, Gerasimos Korres, Isabelle Mirouze, and Andrea Storto
Ocean Sci., 15, 1023–1032,,, 2019
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01 Aug 2019
Novel metrics based on Biogeochemical Argo data to improve the model uncertainty evaluation of the CMEMS Mediterranean marine ecosystem forecasts
Stefano Salon, Gianpiero Cossarini, Giorgio Bolzon, Laura Feudale, Paolo Lazzari, Anna Teruzzi, Cosimo Solidoro, and Alessandro Crise
Ocean Sci., 15, 997–1022,,, 2019
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22 Jul 2019
Skill assessment of global, regional, and coastal circulation forecast models: evaluating the benefits of dynamical downscaling in IBI (Iberia–Biscay–Ireland) surface waters
Pablo Lorente, Marcos García-Sotillo, Arancha Amo-Baladrón, Roland Aznar, Bruno Levier, José C. Sánchez-Garrido, Simone Sammartino, Álvaro de Pascual-Collar, Guillaume Reffray, Cristina Toledano, and Enrique Álvarez-Fanjul
Ocean Sci., 15, 967–996,,, 2019
28 Jun 2019
Characterizing ERA-Interim and ERA5 surface wind biases using ASCAT
Maria Belmonte Rivas and Ad Stoffelen
Ocean Sci., 15, 831–852,,, 2019
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24 Jun 2019
The CMEMS GlobColour chlorophyll a product based on satellite observation: multi-sensor merging and flagging strategies
Philippe Garnesson, Antoine Mangin, Odile Fanton d'Andon, Julien Demaria, and Marine Bretagnon
Ocean Sci., 15, 819–830,,, 2019
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20 Jun 2019
The ECMWF operational ensemble reanalysis–analysis system for ocean and sea ice: a description of the system and assessment
Hao Zuo, Magdalena Alonso Balmaseda, Steffen Tietsche, Kristian Mogensen, and Michael Mayer
Ocean Sci., 15, 779–808,,, 2019
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19 Jun 2019
Evaluating the impact of atmospheric forcing and air–sea coupling on near-coastal regional ocean prediction
Huw W. Lewis, John Siddorn, Juan Manuel Castillo Sanchez, Jon Petch, John M. Edwards, and Tim Smyth
Ocean Sci., 15, 761–778,,, 2019
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05 Jun 2019
Can wave coupling improve operational regional ocean forecasts for the north-west European Shelf?
Huw W. Lewis, Juan Manuel Castillo Sanchez, John Siddorn, Robert R. King, Marina Tonani, Andrew Saulter, Peter Sykes, Anne-Christine Pequignet, Graham P. Weedon, Tamzin Palmer, Joanna Staneva, and Lucy Bricheno
Ocean Sci., 15, 669–690,,, 2019
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29 May 2019
Validation metrics for ice edge position forecasts
Arne Melsom, Cyril Palerme, and Malte Müller
Ocean Sci., 15, 615–630,,, 2019
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27 May 2019
Regional circulation patterns of Mediterranean Outflow Water near the Iberian and African continental slopes
Álvaro de Pascual-Collar, Marcos G. Sotillo, Bruno Levier, Roland Aznar, Pablo Lorente, Arancha Amo-Baladrón, and Enrique Álvarez-Fanjul
Ocean Sci., 15, 565–582,,, 2019
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22 May 2019
Data assimilation of Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) observations into the Mercator Ocean operational system: focus on the El Niño 2015 event
Benoît Tranchant, Elisabeth Remy, Eric Greiner, and Olivier Legalloudec
Ocean Sci., 15, 543–563,,, 2019
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26 Apr 2019
A multiscale ocean data assimilation approach combining spatial and spectral localisation
Ann-Sophie Tissier, Jean-Michel Brankart, Charles-Emmanuel Testut, Giovanni Ruggiero, Emmanuel Cosme, and Pierre Brasseur
Ocean Sci., 15, 443–457,,, 2019
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22 Mar 2019
Upscaling of a local model into a larger-scale model
Luc Vandenbulcke and Alexander Barth
Ocean Sci., 15, 291–305,,, 2019
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12 Feb 2019
Mediterranean ocean colour Level 3 operational multi-sensor processing
Gianluca Volpe, Simone Colella, Vittorio E. Brando, Vega Forneris, Flavio La Padula, Annalisa Di Cicco, Michela Sammartino, Marco Bracaglia, Florinda Artuso, and Rosalia Santoleri
Ocean Sci., 15, 127–146,,, 2019
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25 Sep 2018
Recent updates to the Copernicus Marine Service global ocean monitoring and forecasting real-time 1∕12° high-resolution system
Jean-Michel Lellouche, Eric Greiner, Olivier Le Galloudec, Gilles Garric, Charly Regnier, Marie Drevillon, Mounir Benkiran, Charles-Emmanuel Testut, Romain Bourdalle-Badie, Florent Gasparin, Olga Hernandez, Bruno Levier, Yann Drillet, Elisabeth Remy, and Pierre-Yves Le Traon
Ocean Sci., 14, 1093–1126,,, 2018
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CC BY 4.0