The MERSEA Project
The MERSEA Project
Editor(s): M. Hecht, G. B. Brassington, and L. Bertino

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25 Feb 2010
Impact of global ocean model resolution on sea-level variability with emphasis on interannual time scales
T. Penduff, M. Juza, L. Brodeau, G. C. Smith, B. Barnier, J.-M. Molines, A.-M. Treguier, and G. Madec
Ocean Sci., 6, 269–284,,, 2010
17 Feb 2010
Characterization of mixing errors in a coupled physical biogeochemical model of the North Atlantic: implications for nonlinear estimation using Gaussian anamorphosis
D. Béal, P. Brasseur, J.-M. Brankart, Y. Ourmières, and J. Verron
Ocean Sci., 6, 247–262,,, 2010
27 Jan 2010
Comparison of global ocean colour data records
S. Djavidnia, F. Mélin, and N. Hoepffner
Ocean Sci., 6, 61–76,,, 2010
21 Jan 2010
Pre-operational short-term forecasts for Mediterranean Sea biogeochemistry
P. Lazzari, A. Teruzzi, S. Salon, S. Campagna, C. Calonaci, S. Colella, M. Tonani, and A. Crise
Ocean Sci., 6, 25–39,,, 2010
07 Dec 2009
Impact of data assimilation of physical variables on the spring bloom from TOPAZ operational runs in the North Atlantic
A. Samuelsen, L. Bertino, and C. Hansen
Ocean Sci., 5, 635–647,,, 2009
03 Nov 2009
Application of the Gaussian anamorphosis to assimilation in a 3-D coupled physical-ecosystem model of the North Atlantic with the EnKF: a twin experiment
E. Simon and L. Bertino
Ocean Sci., 5, 495–510,,, 2009
26 Oct 2009
The multifractal structure of satellite sea surface temperature maps can be used to obtain global maps of streamlines
A. Turiel, V. Nieves, E. Garcia-Ladona, J. Font, M.-H. Rio, and G. Larnicol
Ocean Sci., 5, 447–460,,, 2009
26 Oct 2009
A nested Atlantic-Mediterranean Sea general circulation model for operational forecasting
P. Oddo, M. Adani, N. Pinardi, C. Fratianni, M. Tonani, and D. Pettenuzzo
Ocean Sci., 5, 461–473,,, 2009
16 Oct 2009
Controlling atmospheric forcing parameters of global ocean models: sequential assimilation of sea surface Mercator-Ocean reanalysis data
C. Skandrani, J.-M. Brankart, N. Ferry, J. Verron, P. Brasseur, and B. Barnier
Ocean Sci., 5, 403–419,,, 2009
01 Oct 2009
Application of a hybrid EnKF-OI to ocean forecasting
F. Counillon, P. Sakov, and L. Bertino
Ocean Sci., 5, 389–401,,, 2009
02 Jun 2009
Evaluating two numerical advection schemes in HYCOM for eddy-resolving modelling of the Agulhas Current
B. C. Backeberg, L. Bertino, and J. A. Johannessen
Ocean Sci., 5, 173–190,,, 2009
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