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Short summary
22 Nov 2011
How well can we derive Global Ocean Indicators from Argo data?
K. von Schuckmann and P.-Y. Le Traon
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Short summary
13 Jan 2015
Improved sea level record over the satellite altimetry era (1993–2010) from the Climate Change Initiative project
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Short summary
06 Aug 2014
Impact of a 30% reduction in Atlantic meridional overturning during 2009–2010
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Short summary
12 Oct 2012
Evaluation of Release-05 GRACE time-variable gravity coefficients over the ocean
D. P. Chambers and J. A. Bonin
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Molecular biology techniques and applications for ocean sensing
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Biogeography of planktonic bacterial communities across the whole Mediterranean Sea
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Short summary
07 Dec 2009
A review of the role of submarine canyons in deep-ocean exchange with the shelf
S. E. Allen and X. Durrieu de Madron
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The Kuroshio exchange with the South and East China Seas
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Short summary
31 Aug 2012
An operational model for the West Iberian coast: products and services
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14 Jul 2014
Observations of a phytoplankton spring bloom onset triggered by a density front in NW Mediterranean
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07 Nov 2014
Changes in extreme regional sea surface height due to an abrupt weakening of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation
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Short summary
07 Jul 2009
Thermodynamic properties of standard seawater: extensions to high temperatures and pressures
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J. B. R. Matthews
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10 May 2017
The Coastal Observing System for Northern and Arctic Seas (COSYNA)
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Short summary
15 Aug 2012
TOPAZ4: an ocean-sea ice data assimilation system for the North Atlantic and Arctic
P. Sakov, F. Counillon, L. Bertino, K. A. Lisæter, P. R. Oke, and A. Korablev
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18 May 2011
Mixing, heat fluxes and heat content evolution of the Arctic Ocean mixed layer
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CC BY 4.0