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17 Jan 2024
Research article |  | 17 Jan 2024

Transport dynamics in a complex coastal archipelago

Elina Miettunen, Laura Tuomi, Antti Westerlund, Hedi Kanarik, and Kai Myrberg

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Refined estimates of water transport through the Åland Sea in the Baltic Sea
Antti Westerlund, Elina Miettunen, Laura Tuomi, and Pekka Alenius
Ocean Sci., 18, 89–108,,, 2022
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Approach: Numerical Models | Properties and processes: Coastal and near-shore processes
Fjord circulation permits a persistent subsurface water mass in a long, deep mid-latitude inlet
Laura Bianucci, Jennifer M. Jackson, Susan E. Allen, Maxim V. Krassovski, Ian J. W. Giesbrecht, and Wendy C. Callendar
Ocean Sci., 20, 293–306,,, 2024
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Salt intrusion dynamics in a well-mixed sub-estuary connected to a partially to well-mixed main estuary
Zhongyuan Lin, Guang Zhang, Huazhi Zou, and Wenping Gong
Ocean Sci., 20, 181–199,,, 2024
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Modeling the interannual variability in Maipo and Rapel river plumes off central Chile
Julio Salcedo-Castro, Antonio Olita, Freddy Saavedra, Gonzalo S. Saldías, Raúl C. Cruz-Gómez, and Cristian D. De la Torre Martínez
Ocean Sci., 19, 1687–1703,,, 2023
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Short-term prediction of the significant wave height and average wave period based on the variational mode decomposition–temporal convolutional network–long short-term memory (VMD–TCN–LSTM) algorithm
Qiyan Ji, Lei Han, Lifang Jiang, Yuting Zhang, Minghong Xie, and Yu Liu
Ocean Sci., 19, 1561–1578,,, 2023
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Influence of Stratification and Wind Forcing on the Dynamics of Lagrangian Residual Velocity in a Periodically Stratified Estuary
Fangjing Deng, Feiyu Jia, Rui Shi, Shuwen Zhang, Qiang Lian, Xiaolong Zong, and Zhaoyun Chen
EGUsphere,,, 2023
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We studied circulation and transports in the Archipelago Sea (in the Baltic Sea) with a high-resolution hydrodynamic model. Transport dynamics show different variabilities in the north and south, so no single transect can represent transport through the whole area in all cases. The net transport in the surface layer is southward and follows the alignment of the deeper channels. In the lower layer, the net transport is southward in the northern part of the area and northward in the southern part.