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Ocean Sci., 15, 1133–1158, 2019

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Ocean Sci., 15, 1133–1158, 2019

Research article 27 Aug 2019

Research article | 27 Aug 2019

The impact of a new high-resolution ocean model on the Met Office North-West European Shelf forecasting system

Marina Tonani et al.

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Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 17, 533–547,,, 2017
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A new high-resolution ocean model at 1.5 km has replaced the 7 km system for delivering short-term forecasts of the North-West European Shelf seas. The products (temperature, salinity, currents, and sea surface height) are available on the Copernicus Marine Service catalogue. This study focuses on the high-resolution impact on the quality of the products delivered to the users. Results show that the high-resolution model is better at resolving the variability of the physical variables.