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Research article
17 Jan 2024
Research article |  | 17 Jan 2024

Internal tides off the Amazon shelf – Part 1: The importance of the structuring of ocean temperature during two contrasted seasons

Fernand Assene, Ariane Koch-Larrouy, Isabelle Dadou, Michel Tchilibou, Guillaume Morvan, Jérôme Chanut, Alex Costa da Silva, Vincent Vantrepotte, Damien Allain, and Trung-Kien Tran

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Spatial and temporal variability in mode-1 and mode-2 internal solitary waves from MODIS-Terra sun glint off the Amazon shelf
Carina Regina de Macedo, Ariane Koch-Larrouy, José Carlos Bastos da Silva, Jorge Manuel Magalhães, Carlos Alessandre Domingos Lentini, Trung Kien Tran, Marcelo Caetano Barreto Rosa, and Vincent Vantrepotte
Ocean Sci., 19, 1357–1374,,, 2023
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Fortnightly variability of Chl a in the Indonesian seas
Edward D. Zaron, Tonia A. Capuano, and Ariane Koch-Larrouy
Ocean Sci., 19, 43–55,,, 2023
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Planktonic cnidarian responses to contrasting thermohaline and circulation seasonal scenarios in a tropical western boundary current system
Everton Giachini Tosetto, Arnaud Bertrand, Sigrid Neumann-Leitão, Alex Costa da Silva, and Miodeli Nogueira Júnior
Ocean Sci., 18, 1763–1779,,, 2022
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Internal tides off the Amazon shelf during two contrasted seasons: interactions with background circulation and SSH imprints
Michel Tchilibou, Ariane Koch-Larrouy, Simon Barbot, Florent Lyard, Yves Morel, Julien Jouanno, and Rosemary Morrow
Ocean Sci., 18, 1591–1618,,, 2022
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On the use of acoustic data to characterise the thermohaline stratification in a tropical ocean
Ramilla Vieira Assunção, Anne Lebourges-Dhaussy, Alex Costa da Silva, Bernard Bourlès, Gary Vargas, Gildas Roudaut, and Arnaud Bertrand
Ocean Sci. Discuss.,,, 2021
Publication in OS not foreseen
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Approach: Numerical Models | Properties and processes: Internal waves, turbulence and mixing
Numerical investigation of interaction between anticyclonic eddy and semidiurnal internal tide in the northeastern South China Sea
Liming Fan, Hui Sun, Qingxuan Yang, and Jianing Li
EGUsphere,,, 2023
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Regional modeling of internal-tide dynamics around New Caledonia – Part 1: Coherent internal-tide characteristics and sea surface height signature
Arne Bendinger, Sophie Cravatte, Lionel Gourdeau, Laurent Brodeau, Aurélie Albert, Michel Tchilibou, Florent Lyard, and Clément Vic
Ocean Sci., 19, 1315–1338,,, 2023
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Twin simulations, with and without tides, are used to assess the impact of internal tides (ITs) on ocean temperature off the Amazon mouth at a seasonal scale. We found that in the surface layers, ITs and barotropic tides cause a cooling effect on sea surface temperature, subsequently leading to an increase in the net heat flux between the atmosphere and ocean. Vertical mixing is identified as the primary driver, followed by vertical and horizontal advection.