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Research article
13 Jun 2019
Research article |  | 13 Jun 2019

Analysis of the effect of fish oil on wind waves and implications for air–water interaction studies

Alvise Benetazzo, Luigi Cavaleri, Hongyu Ma, Shumin Jiang, Filippo Bergamasco, Wenzheng Jiang, Sheng Chen, and Fangli Qiao

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On the short-term response of entrained air bubbles in the upper ocean: a case study in the north Adriatic Sea
Alvise Benetazzo, Trygve Halsne, Øyvind Breivik, Kjersti Opstad Strand, Adrian H. Callaghan, Francesco Barbariol, Silvio Davison, Filippo Bergamasco, Cristobal Molina, and Mauro Bastianini
Ocean Sci., 20, 639–660,,, 2024
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A surface kinematics buoy (SKIB) for wave–current interaction studies
Pedro Veras Guimarães, Fabrice Ardhuin, Peter Sutherland, Mickael Accensi, Michel Hamon, Yves Pérignon, Jim Thomson, Alvise Benetazzo, and Pierre Ferrant
Ocean Sci., 14, 1449–1460,,, 2018
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Measuring currents, ice drift, and waves from space: the Sea surface KInematics Multiscale monitoring (SKIM) concept
Fabrice Ardhuin, Yevgueny Aksenov, Alvise Benetazzo, Laurent Bertino, Peter Brandt, Eric Caubet, Bertrand Chapron, Fabrice Collard, Sophie Cravatte, Jean-Marc Delouis, Frederic Dias, Gérald Dibarboure, Lucile Gaultier, Johnny Johannessen, Anton Korosov, Georgy Manucharyan, Dimitris Menemenlis, Melisa Menendez, Goulven Monnier, Alexis Mouche, Frédéric Nouguier, George Nurser, Pierre Rampal, Ad Reniers, Ernesto Rodriguez, Justin Stopa, Céline Tison, Clément Ubelmann, Erik van Sebille, and Jiping Xie
Ocean Sci., 14, 337–354,,, 2018
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Note on the directional properties of meter-scale gravity waves
Charles Peureux, Alvise Benetazzo, and Fabrice Ardhuin
Ocean Sci., 14, 41–52,,, 2018
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Turbulence observations in the Gulf of Trieste under moderate wind forcing and different water column stratification
Francesco Marcello Falcieri, Lakshmi Kantha, Alvise Benetazzo, Andrea Bergamasco, Davide Bonaldo, Francesco Barbariol, Vlado Malačič, Mauro Sclavo, and Sandro Carniel
Ocean Sci., 12, 433–449,,, 2016
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Approach: Laboratory Studies | Depth range: Surface | Geographical range: All Geographic Regions | Phenomena: Air-Sea Fluxes
Air–sea gas exchange at wind speeds up to 85 m s−1
Kerstin E. Krall, Andrew W. Smith, Naohisa Takagaki, and Bernd Jähne
Ocean Sci., 15, 1783–1799,,, 2019
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Measuring air–sea gas-exchange velocities in a large-scale annular wind–wave tank
E. Mesarchaki, C. Kräuter, K. E. Krall, M. Bopp, F. Helleis, J. Williams, and B. Jähne
Ocean Sci., 11, 121–138,,, 2015
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Comparative heat and gas exchange measurements in the Heidelberg Aeolotron, a large annular wind-wave tank
L. Nagel, K. E. Krall, and B. Jähne
Ocean Sci., 11, 111–120,,, 2015
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First laboratory study of air–sea gas exchange at hurricane wind speeds
K. E. Krall and B. Jähne
Ocean Sci., 10, 257–265,,, 2014

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Short summary
Inspired by the known virtue of fish oil to still angry seas, a study has been made on the interaction between wind waves, paddle waves, and airflow in a tank containing a thin fish-oil film. It is rather peculiar that in the wind-only condition the wave field does not grow from the rest condition. This equilibrium was altered by paddle waves. We stress the benefit of experiments with surfactants to disentangle relevant mechanisms involved in the air–sea interaction.