Articles | Volume 8, issue 6
Ocean Sci., 8, 983–1000, 2012

Special issue: The MyOcean project: scientific advances for operational ocean...

Ocean Sci., 8, 983–1000, 2012

Research article 21 Nov 2012

Research article | 21 Nov 2012

Validation of the NEMO-ERSEM operational ecosystem model for the North West European Continental Shelf

K. P. Edwards1,*, R. Barciela1, and M. Butenschön2 K. P. Edwards et al.
  • 1Met Office, Exeter, UK
  • 2Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Plymouth, UK
  • *now at: Environment Agency, Exeter, UK

Abstract. This paper details updates to the Met Office's operational coupled hydrodynamic-ecosystem model from the 7 km Medium-Resolution Continental Shelf – POLCOMS-ERSEM (MRCS-PE) system (Siddorn et al., 2007) to the 7 km Atlantic Margin Model NEMO-ERSEM (AMM7-NE) system. We also provide a validation of the ecosystem component of the new operational system. Comparisons have been made between the model variables and available in situ, satellite and climatological data. The AMM7-NE system has also been benchmarked against the MRCS-PE system. The transition to the new AMM7-NE system was successful and it has been running operationally since March 2012 and has been providing products through MyOcean ( since that time. The results presented herein show the AMM7-NE system performs better than the MRCS-PE system with the most improvement in the model nutrient fields. The problem of nutrient accumulation in the MRCS-PE system appears to be solved in the new AMM7-NE system with nutrient fields improved throughout the domain as discussed in Sect. 4. Improvements in model chlorophyll are also seen but are more modest.