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Research article
19 Jan 2022
Research article |  | 19 Jan 2022

Refined estimates of water transport through the Åland Sea in the Baltic Sea

Antti Westerlund, Elina Miettunen, Laura Tuomi, and Pekka Alenius

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Transport dynamics in a complex coastal archipelago
Elina Miettunen, Laura Tuomi, Antti Westerlund, Hedi Kanarik, and Kai Myrberg
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Nemo-Nordic 1.0: a NEMO-based ocean model for the Baltic and North seas – research and operational applications
Robinson Hordoir, Lars Axell, Anders Höglund, Christian Dieterich, Filippa Fransner, Matthias Gröger, Ye Liu, Per Pemberton, Semjon Schimanke, Helen Andersson, Patrik Ljungemyr, Petter Nygren, Saeed Falahat, Adam Nord, Anette Jönsson, Iréne Lake, Kristofer Döös, Magnus Hieronymus, Heiner Dietze, Ulrike Löptien, Ivan Kuznetsov, Antti Westerlund, Laura Tuomi, and Jari Haapala
Geosci. Model Dev., 12, 363–386,,, 2019
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Water exchange through the Åland Sea (in the Baltic Sea) affects the conditions in the neighbouring Gulf of Bothnia. Pathways and variability of flows were studied with a high-resolution hydrodynamic model. Our analysis showed a northward transport in the deep layer and net transport towards the south in the surface layer. While on the southern edge of the Åland Sea the primary route of deep-water exchange is through Lågskär Deep, some deep water still bypasses it to the Åland Sea.