Articles | Volume 17, issue 3
Research article
18 Jun 2021
Research article |  | 18 Jun 2021

Preface: Developments in the science and history of tides

Philip L. Woodworth, J. A. Mattias Green, Richard D. Ray, and John M. Huthnance

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Long-term changes in the ocean tide at Port Louis, Falkland Islands
Philip Leslie Woodworth
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Reanalyses of Maskelyne's tidal data at St. Helena in 1761
Philip L. Woodworth and John M. Vassie
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Mean sea level and tidal change in Ireland since 1842: a case study of Cork
David T. Pugh, Edmund Bridge, Robin Edwards, Peter Hogarth, Guy Westbrook, Philip L. Woodworth, and Gerard D. McCarthy
Ocean Sci., 17, 1623–1637,,, 2021
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Tide prediction machines at the Liverpool Tidal Institute
Philip L. Woodworth
Hist. Geo Space. Sci., 11, 15–29,,, 2020
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IAPSO: tales from the ocean frontier
Denise Smythe-Wright, W. John Gould, Trevor J. McDougall, Stefania Sparnocchia, and Philip L. Woodworth
Hist. Geo Space. Sci., 10, 137–150,,, 2019
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This special issue marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Liverpool Tidal Institute (LTI). The preface gives a history of the LTI founding and of its first two directors. It also gives an overview of LTI research on tides. Summaries are given of the 26 papers in the special issue. Their topics could be thought of as providing a continuation of the research first undertaken at the LTI. They provide an interesting snapshot of work on tides now being made by groups around the world.