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02 Dec 2021
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Rectified tidal transport in Lofoten–Vesterålen, northern Norway

Eli Børve, Pål Erik Isachsen, and Ole Anders Nøst

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Flow separation, dipole formation, and water exchange through tidal straits
Ole Anders Nøst and Eli Børve
Ocean Sci., 17, 1403–1420,,, 2021
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Short summary
Non-linear tidal dynamics can produce prominent time-mean transport in coastal regions where strong tidal currents interact with topography. We investigate tidal-induced transport using a tidally driven ocean model for Lofoten–Vesterålen in northern Norway and find that both tidal pumping and tidal rectification can play an important role for time-mean transport in the region. The study emphasizes the importance of non-linear tidal dynamics for time-mean transport in complex coastal regions.