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Research article
13 Nov 2020
Research article |  | 13 Nov 2020

Measuring ocean total surface current velocity with the KuROS and KaRADOC airborne near-nadir Doppler radars: a multi-scale analysis in preparation for the SKIM mission

Louis Marié, Fabrice Collard, Frédéric Nouguier, Lucia Pineau-Guillou, Danièle Hauser, François Boy, Stéphane Méric, Peter Sutherland, Charles Peureux, Goulven Monnier, Bertrand Chapron, Adrien Martin, Pierre Dubois, Craig Donlon, Tania Casal, and Fabrice Ardhuin

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A new airborne system for simultaneous high-resolution ocean vector current and wind mapping: first demonstration of the SeaSTAR mission concept in the macrotidal Iroise Sea
David Lewis McCann, Adrien C. H. Martin, Karlus Macedo, Ruben Carrasco Alvarez, Jochen Horstmann, Louis Marié, José Márquez-Martínez, Marcos Portabella, Adriano Meta, Christine Gommenginger, Petronilo Martin-Iglesias, and Tania Casal
EGUsphere,,, 2024
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How many modes are needed to predict climate bifurcations? Lessons from an experiment
Bérengère Dubrulle, François Daviaud, Davide Faranda, Louis Marié, and Brice Saint-Michel
Nonlin. Processes Geophys., 29, 17–35,,, 2022
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Approach: Remote Sensing | Depth range: Surface | Geographical range: All Geographic Regions | Phenomena: Current Field
Multicore structures and the splitting and merging of eddies in global oceans from satellite altimeter data
Wei Cui, Wei Wang, Jie Zhang, and Jungang Yang
Ocean Sci., 15, 413–430,,, 2019
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Measuring currents, ice drift, and waves from space: the Sea surface KInematics Multiscale monitoring (SKIM) concept
Fabrice Ardhuin, Yevgueny Aksenov, Alvise Benetazzo, Laurent Bertino, Peter Brandt, Eric Caubet, Bertrand Chapron, Fabrice Collard, Sophie Cravatte, Jean-Marc Delouis, Frederic Dias, Gérald Dibarboure, Lucile Gaultier, Johnny Johannessen, Anton Korosov, Georgy Manucharyan, Dimitris Menemenlis, Melisa Menendez, Goulven Monnier, Alexis Mouche, Frédéric Nouguier, George Nurser, Pierre Rampal, Ad Reniers, Ernesto Rodriguez, Justin Stopa, Céline Tison, Clément Ubelmann, Erik van Sebille, and Jiping Xie
Ocean Sci., 14, 337–354,,, 2018
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Jason continuity of services: continuing the Jason altimeter data records as Copernicus Sentinel-6
Remko Scharroo, Hans Bonekamp, Christelle Ponsard, François Parisot, Axel von Engeln, Milen Tahtadjiev, Kristiaan de Vriendt, and François Montagner
Ocean Sci., 12, 471–479,,, 2016
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Eddy surface properties and propagation at Southern Hemisphere western boundary current systems
G. S. Pilo, M. M. Mata, and J. L. L. Azevedo
Ocean Sci., 11, 629–641,,, 2015
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With present-day techniques, ocean surface currents are poorly known near the Equator and globally for spatial scales under 200 km and timescales under 30 d. Wide-swath radar Doppler measurements are an alternative technique. Such direct surface current measurements are, however, affected by platform motions and waves. These contributions are analyzed in data collected during the DRIFT4SKIM airborne and in situ experiment, demonstrating the possibility of measuring currents from space globally.