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Research article
27 May 2016
Research article |  | 27 May 2016

Multi-sensor in situ observations to resolve the sub-mesoscale features in the stratified Gulf of Finland, Baltic Sea

Urmas Lips, Villu Kikas, Taavi Liblik, and Inga Lips

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Stella-Theresa Stoicescu, Jaan Laanemets, Taavi Liblik, Māris Skudra, Oliver Samlas, Inga Lips, and Urmas Lips
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Quasi-steady circulation regimes in the Baltic Sea
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Ocean Sci., 18, 857–879,,, 2022
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Earth Syst. Dynam., 13, 373–392,,, 2022
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Ocean Sci., 12, 953–976,,, 2016
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Upwelling characteristics in the Gulf of Finland (Baltic Sea) as revealed by Ferrybox measurements in 2007–2013
Villu Kikas and Urmas Lips
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Estuarine circulation reversals and related rapid changes in winter near-bottom oxygen conditions in the Gulf of Finland, Baltic Sea
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Short summary
Multi-platform high-resolution observations in the Gulf of Finland in the summers of 2009–2012 revealed pronounced variability at the sub-mesoscale in the presence of mesoscale features, such as upwelling/downwelling events, fronts, and eddies. The analysis suggests that the sub-mesoscale processes could contribute considerably to the downscale energy cascade and play a major role in phytoplankton growth enhancement via vertical transport and re-stratification of the surface layer.