Articles | Volume 12, issue 3
Research article
02 May 2016
Research article |  | 02 May 2016

Projected sea level rise and changes in extreme storm surge and wave events during the 21st century in the region of Singapore

Heather Cannaby, Matthew D. Palmer, Tom Howard, Lucy Bricheno, Daley Calvert, Justin Krijnen, Richard Wood, Jonathan Tinker, Chris Bunney, James Harle, Andrew Saulter, Clare O'Neill, Clare Bellingham, and Jason Lowe

Data sets

Singapore's Second National Climate Change Study ̶ Phase 1, Chapter 3, Sub-selection of CMIP5 GCMs for downscaling over Singapore McSweeney, C., Rahmat, R., Redmond, G., Marzin, C., Murphy, J., Jones, R., Cheong, W. K., Lim, S. Y., and Sun, X.

Short summary
The Singapore government commissioned a modelling study of regional projections of changes in (i) long-term mean sea level and (ii) the frequency of extreme storm surge and wave events. We find that changes to long-term mean sea level constitute the dominant signal of change to the projected inundation risk for Singapore during the 21st century, these being 0.52 m(0.74 m) under the RCP 4.5(8.5) scenario.