Articles | Volume 12, issue 2
Research article
10 Mar 2016
Research article |  | 10 Mar 2016

Wave extreme characterization using self-organizing maps

Francesco Barbariol, Francesco Marcello Falcieri, Carlotta Scotton, Alvise Benetazzo, Sandro Carniel, and Mauro Sclavo

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Turbulence observations in the Gulf of Trieste under moderate wind forcing and different water column stratification
Francesco Marcello Falcieri, Lakshmi Kantha, Alvise Benetazzo, Andrea Bergamasco, Davide Bonaldo, Francesco Barbariol, Vlado Malačič, Mauro Sclavo, and Sandro Carniel
Ocean Sci., 12, 433–449,,, 2016
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The analysis presented in the paper aims at extending the classification capabilities of Self-Organizing Maps (SOM) within the context of ocean waves. Indeed, the intrinsic SOM difficulty in representing extremes of the wave climate is discussed and alternative strategies are proposed in order to represent the whole wave climate at a given location. Among them, a two-step SOM together with a double-side map provides the best results.