Articles | Volume 9, issue 3
Ocean Sci., 9, 545–560, 2013

Special issue: The MyOcean project: scientific advances for operational ocean...

Ocean Sci., 9, 545–560, 2013

Research article 12 Jun 2013

Research article | 12 Jun 2013

Ocean state indicators from MyOcean altimeter products

L. Bessières1, M. H. Rio2, C. Dufau2, C. Boone2, and M. I. Pujol2 L. Bessières et al.
  • 1AS$+$ EOLEN, 5 avenue Didier Daurat, 31400 Toulouse, France
  • 2CLS-DOS, 8-10 rue Hermès – Parc Technologique du canal, 31250 Ramonville Saint Agne, France

Abstract. The European MyOcean project ( provides observations of the ocean dynamic topography from altimeter measurements. Three specific indicators have been developed, based on altimeter data only, in order to monitor the ocean state. The first ocean indicator observes the positive and negative phases of the ENSO events in the tropical Pacific, the El Niño/La Niña events, since 1992. The second ocean indicator tracks the contracted or extended state of the Kuroshio Extension. The last ocean indicator is dedicated to the Ionian Basin in the Mediterranean Sea and permits separation of "zonal-cyclonic" state (1998–2005 and since 2011 up to now) from the "anticyclonic" state (1993–1996) usually discussed in the literature. In addition, it allows identifying a third state in which both the anticyclonic circulation around the northern part of the basin and the strong zonal Mid-Ionian Jet co-exist (2008–2010).