Articles | Volume 9, issue 2
Research article
10 Apr 2013
Research article |  | 10 Apr 2013

Large-scale temperature and salinity changes in the upper Canadian Basin of the Arctic Ocean at a time of a drastic Arctic Oscillation inversion

P. Bourgain, J. C. Gascard, J. Shi, and J. Zhao

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Depth range: All Depths | Approach: In situ Observations | Geographical range: Deep Seas: Arctic Ocean | Phenomena: Temperature, Salinity and Density Fields
Variability of the thermohaline structure and transport of Atlantic water in the Arctic Ocean based on NABOS (Nansen and Amundsen Basins Observing System) hydrography data
Nataliya Zhurbas and Natalia Kuzmina
Ocean Sci., 16, 405–421,,, 2020
Short summary
Time and space variability of freshwater content, heat content and seasonal ice melt in the Arctic Ocean from 1991 to 2011
M. Korhonen, B. Rudels, M. Marnela, A. Wisotzki, and J. Zhao
Ocean Sci., 9, 1015–1055,,, 2013
Recirculation in the Fram Strait and transports of water in and north of the Fram Strait derived from CTD data
M. Marnela, B. Rudels, M.-N. Houssais, A. Beszczynska-Möller, and P. B. Eriksson
Ocean Sci., 9, 499–519,,, 2013
Observations of water masses and circulation with focus on the Eurasian Basin of the Arctic Ocean from the 1990s to the late 2000s
B. Rudels, U. Schauer, G. Björk, M. Korhonen, S. Pisarev, B. Rabe, and A. Wisotzki
Ocean Sci., 9, 147–169,,, 2013
Arctic Ocean circulation and variability – advection and external forcing encounter constraints and local processes
B. Rudels
Ocean Sci., 8, 261–286,,, 2012

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