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16 Nov 2023
Research article |  | 16 Nov 2023

Impact of surface and subsurface-intensified eddies on sea surface temperature and chlorophyll a in the northern Indian Ocean utilizing deep learning

Yingjie Liu and Xiaofeng Li

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Characteristics of surface physical and biogeochemical parameters within mesoscale eddies in the Southern Ocean
Qian Liu, Yingjie Liu, and Xiaofeng Li
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Approach: Remote Sensing | Properties and processes: Mesoscale to submesoscale dynamics
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Ocean 2D eddy energy fluxes from small mesoscale processes with SWOT
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The study developed a deep learning model that effectively distinguishes between surface- and subsurface-intensified eddies in the northern Indian Ocean by integrating sea surface height and temperature data. The accurate distinction between these types of eddies provides valuable insights into their dynamics and their impact on marine ecosystems in the northern Indian Ocean and contributes to understanding the complex interactions between eddy dynamics and biogeochemical processes in the ocean.