Articles | Volume 19, issue 5
Research article
26 Oct 2023
Research article |  | 26 Oct 2023

Regional mapping of energetic short mesoscale ocean dynamics from altimetry: performances from real observations

Florian Le Guillou, Lucile Gaultier, Maxime Ballarotta, Sammy Metref, Clément Ubelmann, Emmanuel Cosme, and Marie-Helène Rio

Data sets

Global Ocean Along Track L3 Sea Surface Heights Reprocessed 1993 Ongoing Tailored For Data Assimilation CLS

Global Ocean Gridded L4 Sea Surface Heights And Derived Variables Reprocessed 1993 Ongoing CLS

WOC Geostrophic Surface Current Estimated by the BFN-QG over Agulhas Region F. Le Guillou

WOC Fronts Derived from Remote Sensing SST Observations by SEVIRI over Agulhas Region L. Gaultier

Model code and software

leguillf/MASSH: New release (v2.1) Florian Le Guillou, Matthias Renaud, Sammy Metref, and Juan Emmanuel Johnson

Short summary
Altimetry provides sea surface height (SSH) data along one-dimensional tracks. For many applications, the tracks are interpolated in space and time to provide gridded SSH maps. The operational SSH gridded products filter out the small-scale signals measured on the tracks. This paper evaluates the performances of a recently implemented dynamical method to retrieve the small-scale signals from real SSH data. We show a net improvement in the quality of SSH maps when compared to independent data.