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Research article
21 Sep 2023
Research article |  | 21 Sep 2023

Evaluating altimetry-derived surface currents on the south Greenland shelf with surface drifters

Arthur Coquereau and Nicholas P. Foukal

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Approach: In situ Observations | Properties and processes: Mesoscale to submesoscale dynamics
Stirring across the Antarctic Circumpolar Current's Southern Boundary at the Greenwich Meridian, Weddell Sea
Ria Oelerich, Karen J. Heywood, Gillian M. Damerell, Marcel du Plessis, Louise C. Biddle, and Sebastiaan Swart
EGUsphere,,, 2023
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Understanding meltwater circulation around Greenland is crucial as it could influence climate variability but difficult as data are scarce. Here, we use 34 surface drifters to evaluate satellite-derived surface currents and show that satellite data recover the general structure of the flow and can recreate the pathways of particles around the southern tip of Greenland. This result permits a wide range of work to proceed looking at long-term changes in the circulation of the region since 1993.