Articles | Volume 19, issue 4
Research article
29 Aug 2023
Research article |  | 29 Aug 2023

Regional modeling of internal-tide dynamics around New Caledonia – Part 1: Coherent internal-tide characteristics and sea surface height signature

Arne Bendinger, Sophie Cravatte, Lionel Gourdeau, Laurent Brodeau, Aurélie Albert, Michel Tchilibou, Florent Lyard, and Clément Vic

Data sets

Global estimates of internal tide generation rates at 1/30 degree resolution S. Falahat, J. Nycander, C. De Lavergne, F. Roquet, G. Madec, and C. Vic

Short summary
New Caledonia is a hot spot of internal-tide generation due to complex bathymetry. Regional modeling quantifies the coherent internal tide and shows that most energy is converted in shallow waters and on very steep slopes. The region is a challenge for observability of balanced dynamics due to strong internal-tide sea surface height (SSH) signatures at similar wavelengths. Correcting the SSH for the coherent internal tide may increase the observability of balanced motion to < 100 km.