Articles | Volume 18, issue 3
Ocean Sci., 18, 905–913, 2022
Ocean Sci., 18, 905–913, 2022
Technical note
13 Jun 2022
Technical note | 13 Jun 2022

Technical note: Tail behaviour of the statistical distribution of extreme storm surges

Tom Howard

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Towards using state-of-the-art climate models to help constrain estimates of unprecedented UK storm surges
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Short summary
Projected sea level rise and changes in extreme storm surge and wave events during the 21st century in the region of Singapore
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Sources of 21st century regional sea-level rise along the coast of northwest Europe
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The land-ice contribution to 21st-century dynamic sea level rise
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Short summary
I show that two different statistical approaches to dealing with rare sea-level extremes caused by storm surges are not incompatible, despite their apparent differences. I suggest a context in which each approach is appropriate. I undertook this research because the two approaches might seem to be incompatible, a situation which I hope that this note helps to clarify. I applied various statistical tests which have appeared in recent literature to sea-level extremes from UK coastal sites.