Articles | Volume 18, issue 1
Research article
10 Jan 2022
Research article |  | 10 Jan 2022

A framework to evaluate and elucidate the driving mechanisms of coastal sea surface pCO2 seasonality using an ocean general circulation model (MOM6-COBALT)

Alizée Roobaert, Laure Resplandy, Goulven G. Laruelle, Enhui Liao, and Pierre Regnier

Data sets

A multi-decade record of high-quality CO2 data in version 3 of the Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas (SOCAT) ( D. C. E. Bakker, B. Pfeil, C.S Landa, N. Metzl, K. M. O'Brien, A. Olsen, K. Smith, C. Cosca, S. Harasawa, S. D. Jones, S. Nakaoka, Y. Nojiri, U. Schuster, T. Steinhoff, C. Sweeney, T. Takahashi, B. Tilbrook, C. Wada, R. Wanninkhof, S. R. Alin, C. F. Balestrini, L. Barbero, N. R. Bates, A. A. Bianchi, F. Bonou, J. Boutin, Y. Bozec, E. F. Burger, W.-J. Cai, R. D. Castle, L. Chen, M. Chierici, K. Currie, W. Evans, C. Featherstone, R. A. Feely, A. Fransson, C. Goyet, N. Greenwood, L. Gregor, S. Hankin, N. J. Hardman-Mountford, J. Harlay, J. Hauck, M. Hoppema, M. P. Humphreys, C. W. Hunt, B. Huss, J. S. P. Ibánhez, T. Johannessen, R. Keeling, V. Kitidis, A. Körtzinger, A. Kozyr, E. Krasakopoulou, A. Kuwata, P. Landschützer, S. K. Lauvset, N. Lefèvre, C. Lo Monaco, A. Manke, J. T. Mathis, L. Merlivat, F. J. Millero, P. M. S. Monteiro, D. R. Munro, A. Murata, T. Newberger, A. M. Omar, T. Ono, K. Paterson, D. Pearce, D. Pierrot, L. L. Robbins, S. Saito, J. Salisbury, R. Schlitzer, B. Schneider, R. Schweitzer, R., Sieger, I. Skjelvan, K. F. Sullivan, S. C. Sutherland, A. J. Sutton, K. Tadokoro, M. Telszewski, M. Tuma, S. M. A. C. van Heuven, D. Vandemark, B. Ward, A. J. Watson, and S. Xu

Evidence for interannual variability of the carbon cycle from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics Laboratory Global Air Sampling Network ( T. J. Conway, P. P. Tans, L. S. Waterman, K. W. Thoning, D. R. Kitzis, K. A. Masarie, and N. Zhang

ISLSCP II GlobalView: Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations K. A. Masarie, F. G. Hall, G. J. Collatz, B. W. Meeson, S. O. Los, E. Brown De Colstoun, and D. R. Landis

Daily high-resolution-blended analyses for sea surface temperature ( R. W. Reynolds, T. M. Smith, C. Liu, D. B. Chelton, K. S. Casey, and M. G. Schlax

EN4: Quality controlled ocean temperature and salinity profiles and monthly objective analyses with uncertainty estimates ( S. A. Good, M. J. Martin, and N. A. Rayner

Dissolved Inorganic Nutrients (phosphate, nitrate and nitrate+nitrite, silicate) ( H. E. Garcia, K. W. Weathers, C. R. Paver, I. Smolyar, T. P. Boyer, R. A. Locarnini, M. M. Zweng, A. V. Mishonov, O. K. Baranova, D. Seidov, and J. R. Reagan

Short summary
This study uses a global oceanic model to investigate the seasonal dynamics of the sea surface partial pressure of CO2 (pCO2) in the global coastal ocean. Our method quantifies the respective effects of thermal changes, biological activity, ocean circulation and freshwater fluxes on the temporal pCO2 variations. The performance of our model is also evaluated against a data product derived from observations to identify coastal regions where our approach is most robust.