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06 Jan 2022
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Arctic sea level variability from high-resolution model simulations and implications for the Arctic observing system

Guokun Lyu, Nuno Serra, Meng Zhou, and Detlef Stammer

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Effects of including the adjoint sea ice rheology on estimating Arctic Ocean–sea ice state
Guokun Lyu, Armin Koehl, Xinrong Wu, Meng Zhou, and Detlef Stammer
Ocean Sci., 19, 305–319,,, 2023
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This study explores the Arctic sea level variability depending on different timescales and the relation to temperature, salinity and mass changes, identifying key parameters and regions that need to be observed coordinately. The decadal sea level variability reflects salinity changes. But it can only reflect salinity change at periods of greater than 1 year, highlighting the requirement for enhancing in situ hydrographic observations and complicated interpolation methods.