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Research article
07 Jan 2020
Research article |  | 07 Jan 2020

The significance of coastal bathymetry representation for modelling the tidal response to mean sea level rise in the German Bight

Caroline Rasquin, Rita Seiffert, Benno Wachler, and Norbert Winkel

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Effects of sea level rise and tidal flat growth on tidal dynamics and geometry of the Elbe estuary
Tara F. Mahavadi, Rita Seiffert, Jessica Kelln, and Peter Fröhle
Ocean Sci., 20, 369–388,,, 2024
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Due to climate change, an accelerated mean sea level rise is expected. Numerical hydrodynamic models help to understand how mean sea level rise changes tidal dynamics. One limiting factor is the resolution of the model grid. In this study we show that especially in flat coastal areas such as the Wadden Sea in the German Bight the representation of the bathymetry plays a crucial role for the estimation of changed tidal dynamics in response to mean sea level rise.