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Research article
03 Dec 2020
Research article |  | 03 Dec 2020

Model uncertainties of a storm and their influence on microplastics and sediment transport in the Baltic Sea

Robert Daniel Osinski, Kristina Enders, Ulf Gräwe, Knut Klingbeil, and Hagen Radtke

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Ensemble hindcasting of wind and wave conditions with WRF and WAVEWATCH III® driven by ERA5
Robert Daniel Osinski and Hagen Radtke
Ocean Sci., 16, 355–371,,, 2020
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This study investigates the impact of the uncertainty in atmospheric data of a storm event on the transport of microplastics and sediments. The model chain includes the WRF atmospheric model, the WAVEWATCH III® wave model, and the GETM regional ocean model as well as a sediment transport model based on the FABM framework. An ensemble approach based on stochastic perturbations of the WRF model is used. We found a strong impact of atmospheric uncertainty on the amount of transported material.