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Research article
26 Nov 2018
Research article |  | 26 Nov 2018

A surface kinematics buoy (SKIB) for wave–current interaction studies

Pedro Veras Guimarães, Fabrice Ardhuin, Peter Sutherland, Mickael Accensi, Michel Hamon, Yves Pérignon, Jim Thomson, Alvise Benetazzo, and Pierre Ferrant

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Evaluation of operational ocean forecasting systems from the perspective of the users and the experts
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Accuracy of numerical wave model results: application to the Atlantic coasts of Europe
Matias Alday, Fabrice Ardhuin, Guillaume Dodet, and Mickael Accensi
Ocean Sci., 18, 1665–1689,,, 2022
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This paper introduces a new design of drifting buoy. The "surface kinematics buoy'' (SKIB) is particularly optimized for measuring wave–current interactions, including relatively short wave components, from 0.09 to 1 Hz, that are important for air–sea interactions and remote-sensing applications. The capability of this instrument is compared to other sensors, and the ability to measure current-induced wave variations is illustrated with data acquired in a macro-tidal coastal environment.