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Ocean Sci., 12, 345–353, 2016

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Ocean Sci., 12, 345–353, 2016
Research article
04 Mar 2016
Research article | 04 Mar 2016

IEOOS: the Spanish Institute of Oceanography Observing System

Elena Tel et al.

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Coastal sea level monitoring in the Mediterranean and Black seas
Begoña Pérez Gómez, Ivica Vilibić, Jadranka Šepić, Iva Međugorac, Matjaž Ličer, Laurent Testut, Claire Fraboul, Marta Marcos, Hassen Abdellaoui, Enrique Álvarez Fanjul, Darko Barbalić, Benjamín Casas, Antonio Castaño-Tierno, Srđan Čupić, Aldo Drago, María Angeles Fraile, Daniele A. Galliano, Adam Gauci, Branislav Gloginja, Víctor Martín Guijarro, Maja Jeromel, Marcos Larrad Revuelto, Ayah Lazar, Ibrahim Haktan Keskin, Igor Medvedev, Abdelkader Menassri, Mohamed Aïssa Meslem, Hrvoje Mihanović, Sara Morucci, Dragos Niculescu, José Manuel Quijano de Benito, Josep Pascual, Atanas Palazov, Marco Picone, Fabio Raicich, Mohamed Said, Jordi Salat, Erdinc Sezen, Mehmet Simav, Georgios Sylaios, Elena Tel, Joaquín Tintoré, Klodian Zaimi, and George Zodiatis
Ocean Sci., 18, 997–1053,,, 2022
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Depth range: All Depths | Approach: In situ Observations | Geographical range: Deep Seas: North Atlantic | Phenomena: Temperature, Salinity and Density Fields
High-resolution physical–biogeochemical structure of a filament and an eddy of upwelled water off northwest Africa
Wilken-Jon von Appen, Volker H. Strass, Astrid Bracher, Hongyan Xi, Cora Hörstmann, Morten H. Iversen, and Anya M. Waite
Ocean Sci., 16, 253–270,,, 2020
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Distribution of intermediate water masses in the subtropical northeast Atlantic
I. Bashmachnikov, Â. Nascimento, F. Neves, T. Menezes, and N. V. Koldunov
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Temperature–salinity distribution in the northeastern Atlantic from ship and Argo vertical casts
I. Bashmachnikov, F. Neves, Â. Nascimento, J. Medeiros, I. Ambar, J. Dias, and X. Carton
Ocean Sci., 11, 215–236,,, 2015
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Seasonality of intermediate waters hydrography west of the Iberian Peninsula from an 8 yr semiannual time series of an oceanographic section
E. Prieto, C. González-Pola, A. Lavín, R. F. Sánchez, and M. Ruiz-Villarreal
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Surface expression of Mediterranean Water dipoles and their contribution to the shelf/slope – open ocean exchange
N. Serra, I. Ambar, and D. Boutov
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The Spanish Institute of Oceanography supports different operational programmes in order to observe and measure ocean characteristics. Their combination allows responses to ocean research activities and marine ecosystem management, as well as official agency requirements and industrial and main society demands. All these networks are linked to international initiatives, framed largely in supranational Earth observation sponsored by the United Nations and the European Union.