Articles | Volume 12, issue 6
Research article
22 Nov 2016
Research article |  | 22 Nov 2016

High-resolution monitoring of marine protists based on an observation strategy integrating automated on-board filtration and molecular analyses

Katja Metfies, Friedhelm Schroeder, Johanna Hessel, Jochen Wollschläger, Sebastian Micheller, Christian Wolf, Estelle Kilias, Pim Sprong, Stefan Neuhaus, Stephan Frickenhaus, and Wilhelm Petersen

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Concentrations of dissolved dimethyl sulfide (DMS), methanethiol and other trace gases in context of microbial communities from the temperate Atlantic to the Arctic Ocean
Valérie Gros, Bernard Bonsang, Roland Sarda-Estève, Anna Nikolopoulos, Katja Metfies, Matthias Wietz, and Ilka Peeken
Biogeosciences, 20, 851–867,,, 2023
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The Coastal Observing System for Northern and Arctic Seas (COSYNA)
Burkard Baschek, Friedhelm Schroeder, Holger Brix, Rolf Riethmüller, Thomas H. Badewien, Gisbert Breitbach, Bernd Brügge, Franciscus Colijn, Roland Doerffer, Christiane Eschenbach, Jana Friedrich, Philipp Fischer, Stefan Garthe, Jochen Horstmann, Hajo Krasemann, Katja Metfies, Lucas Merckelbach, Nino Ohle, Wilhelm Petersen, Daniel Pröfrock, Rüdiger Röttgers, Michael Schlüter, Jan Schulz, Johannes Schulz-Stellenfleth, Emil Stanev, Joanna Staneva, Christian Winter, Kai Wirtz, Jochen Wollschläger, Oliver Zielinski, and Friedwart Ziemer
Ocean Sci., 13, 379–410,,, 2017
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Here we introduce a new molecular-based observation strategy for high-resolution assessment of marine microbes (e.g., microalgae) in space and time. The observation strategy combines automated sampling on board ships or observation platforms with a variety of different molecular genetic methods for refined observation of marine microbes at adaquate scales, in order to better understand the impact of climate change on this group of organisms, which are at the base of marine food webs.