Articles | Volume 9, issue 6
Research article
21 Nov 2013
Research article |  | 21 Nov 2013

An optical model for deriving the spectral particulate backscattering coefficients in oceanic waters

S. P. Tiwari and P. Shanmugam

Abstract. An optical model is developed based on the diffuse attenuation coefficient (Kd) to estimate particulate backscattering coefficients bbp(λ) in oceanic waters. A large in situ data set is used to establish robust relationships between bbp(530) and bbp(555) and Kd(490) using an efficient nonlinear least-square method which uses the trust region algorithm with Bisquare weights scheme to adjust the coefficients. These relationships are obtained with good correlation coefficients (R2 = 0.786 and 0.790), low root mean square error (RMSE = 0.00076 and 0.00072) and 95% confidence bounds. The new model is tested with three independent data sets: the NOMAD SeaWiFS Match ups, OOXIX IOP algorithm workshop evaluation data set (Version 2.0w APLHA), and IOCCG simulated data set. Results show that the new model makes good retrievals of bbp at all key wavelengths (from 412–683 nm), with statistically significant improvements over other inversion models. Thus, the new model has the potential to improve our present knowledge of particulate matter and their optical variability in oceanic waters.