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Research article
08 Nov 2011
Research article |  | 08 Nov 2011

Mean Dynamic Topography of the Black Sea, computed from altimetry, drifter measurements and hydrology data

A. A. Kubryakov and S. V. Stanichny

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Depth range: Surface | Approach: Remote Sensing | Geographical range: Mediterranean Sea | Phenomena: Sea Level
Coastal sea level rise at Senetosa (Corsica) during the Jason altimetry missions
Yvan Gouzenes, Fabien Léger, Anny Cazenave, Florence Birol, Pascal Bonnefond, Marcello Passaro, Fernando Nino, Rafael Almar, Olivier Laurain, Christian Schwatke, Jean-François Legeais, and Jérôme Benveniste
Ocean Sci., 16, 1165–1182,,, 2020
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Mesoscale eddies in the Algerian Basin: do they differ as a function of their formation site?
Federica Pessini, Antonio Olita, Yuri Cotroneo, and Angelo Perilli
Ocean Sci., 14, 669–688,,, 2018
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On the mesoscale monitoring capability of Argo floats in the Mediterranean Sea
Antonio Sánchez-Román, Simón Ruiz, Ananda Pascual, Baptiste Mourre, and Stéphanie Guinehut
Ocean Sci., 13, 223–234,,, 2017
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Observability of fine-scale ocean dynamics in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea
Rosemary Morrow, Alice Carret, Florence Birol, Fernando Nino, Guillaume Valladeau, Francois Boy, Celine Bachelier, and Bruno Zakardjian
Ocean Sci., 13, 13–29,,, 2017
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