Articles | Volume 7, issue 3
01 Jun 2011
 | 01 Jun 2011

The effects of biogeochemical processes on oceanic conductivity/salinity/density relationships and the characterization of real seawater

R. Pawlowicz, D. G. Wright, and F. J. Millero

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Depth range: All Depths | Approach: Analytic Theory | Geographical range: All Geographic Regions | Phenomena: Temperature, Salinity and Density Fields
Thermodynamic properties of seawater, ice and humid air: TEOS-10, before and beyond
Rainer Feistel
Ocean Sci., 14, 471–502,,, 2018
Short summary
Numerical implementation and oceanographic application of the thermodynamic potentials of liquid water, water vapour, ice, seawater and humid air – Part 1: Background and equations
R. Feistel, D. G. Wright, D. R. Jackett, K. Miyagawa, J. H. Reissmann, W. Wagner, U. Overhoff, C. Guder, A. Feistel, and G. M. Marion
Ocean Sci., 6, 633–677,,, 2010

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