Articles | Volume 5, issue 4
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26 Oct 2009
 | 26 Oct 2009

A nested Atlantic-Mediterranean Sea general circulation model for operational forecasting

P. Oddo, M. Adani, N. Pinardi, C. Fratianni, M. Tonani, and D. Pettenuzzo

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Depth range: All Depths | Approach: Numerical Models | Geographical range: Mediterranean Sea | Phenomena: Temperature, Salinity and Density Fields
The climate change signal in the Mediterranean Sea in a regionally coupled atmosphere–ocean model
Ivan M. Parras-Berrocal, Ruben Vazquez, William Cabos, Dmitry Sein, Rafael Mañanes, Juan Perez-Sanz, and Alfredo Izquierdo
Ocean Sci., 16, 743–765,,, 2020
Short summary
A study of the hydrographic conditions in the Adriatic Sea from numerical modelling and direct observations (2000–2008)
P. Oddo and A. Guarnieri
Ocean Sci., 7, 549–567,,, 2011

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