Articles | Volume 19, issue 3
Research article
15 Jun 2023
Research article |  | 15 Jun 2023

High interannual surface pCO2 variability in the southern Canadian Arctic Archipelago's Kitikmeot Sea

Richard P. Sims, Mohamed M. M. Ahmed, Brian J. Butterworth, Patrick J. Duke, Stephen F. Gonski, Samantha F. Jones, Kristina A. Brown, Christopher J. Mundy, William J. Williams, and Brent G. T. Else

Data sets

Martin Bergmann pCO2 dataset 2016-2019 (1.0.0) Richard P. Sims

NCEP-DOE AMIP-II Reanalysis (R-2) ( M. Kanamitsu, W. Ebisuzaki, J. Woollen, S.-K. Yang, J. J. Hnilo, M. Fiorino, and G. L. Potter

Sea ice remote sensing using AMSR-E 89-GHz channels ( G. Spreen, L. Kaleschke, and G. Heygster

Model code and software

Richard-Sims/Sims_2023_Bergmann_pCO2: v1.0.0-Publication (v1.0.0-Publication) Richard P. Sims

Short summary
Using a small research vessel based out of Cambridge Bay in the Kitikmeot Sea (Canadian Arctic Archipelago), we were able to make measurements of surface ocean pCO2 shortly after sea ice breakup for 4 consecutive years. We compare our measurements to previous underway measurements and the two ongoing ocean carbon observatories in the region. We identify high interannual variability and a potential bias in previous estimates due to lower pCO2 in bays and inlets.