Articles | Volume 19, issue 4
Research article
13 Jul 2023
Research article |  | 13 Jul 2023

Mode-1 N2 internal tides observed by satellite altimetry

Zhongxiang Zhao

Data sets

The global mode-1 N2 internal tide model Zhongxiang Zhao

Global Ocean Along Track L 3 Sea Surface Heights Reprocessed 1993 Ongoing Tailored For Data Assimilation Satellite observations

Global Ocean Gridded L 4 Sea Surface Heights And Derived Variables Reprocessed 1993 Ongoing Satellite observations

Short summary
Satellite altimetry provides a unique technique for observing the sea surface height (SSH) signature of internal tides from space. The advances in mapping technique, combined with the accumulation of satellite altimetry data, make it possible to construct empirical models for minor internal tide constituents. This paper demonstrates that N2 internal tides, the fifth largest tidal constituent, are observed using 100 satellite years of SSH data from 1993 to 2019 by a new mapping procedure.