Articles | Volume 18, issue 5
Research article
12 Sep 2022
Research article |  | 12 Sep 2022

The influence of tides on the marine carbonate chemistry of a coastal polynya in the south-eastern Weddell Sea

Elise S. Droste, Mario Hoppema, Melchor González-Dávila, Juana Magdalena Santana-Casiano, Bastien Y. Queste, Giorgio Dall'Olmo, Hugh J. Venables, Gerd Rohardt, Sharyn Ossebaar, Daniel Schuller, Sunke Trace-Kleeberg, and Dorothee C. E. Bakker

Data sets

Dissolved inorganic carbon and total alkalinity of seawater samples from a Weddell Sea coastal polynya during two tidal observation case studies for RV POLARSTERN expeditions PS89 and PS117 Melchor González-Dávila, Elise S. Droste, Juana Magdalena Santana-Casiano, Daniel Schuller, Sharyn Ossebaar, Mario Hoppema, and Dorothee C. E. Bakker

Short summary
Tides affect the marine carbonate chemistry of a coastal polynya neighbouring the Ekström Ice Shelf by movement of seawater with different physical and biogeochemical properties. The result is that the coastal polynya in the summer can switch between being a sink or a source of CO2 multiple times a day. We encourage consideration of tides when collecting in polar coastal regions to account for tide-driven variability and to avoid overestimations or underestimations of air–sea CO2 exchange.