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Research article
07 Dec 2021
Research article |  | 07 Dec 2021

Assimilating realistically simulated wide-swath altimeter observations in a high-resolution shelf-seas forecasting system

Robert R. King and Matthew J. Martin

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The impact of a new high-resolution ocean model on the Met Office North-West European Shelf forecasting system
Marina Tonani, Peter Sykes, Robert R. King, Niall McConnell, Anne-Christine Péquignet, Enda O'Dea, Jennifer A. Graham, Jeff Polton, and John Siddorn
Ocean Sci., 15, 1133–1158,,, 2019
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Can wave coupling improve operational regional ocean forecasts for the north-west European Shelf?
Huw W. Lewis, Juan Manuel Castillo Sanchez, John Siddorn, Robert R. King, Marina Tonani, Andrew Saulter, Peter Sykes, Anne-Christine Pequignet, Graham P. Weedon, Tamzin Palmer, Joanna Staneva, and Lucy Bricheno
Ocean Sci., 15, 669–690,,, 2019
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The CO5 configuration of the 7 km Atlantic Margin Model: large-scale biases and sensitivity to forcing, physics options and vertical resolution
Enda O'Dea, Rachel Furner, Sarah Wakelin, John Siddorn, James While, Peter Sykes, Robert King, Jason Holt, and Helene Hewitt
Geosci. Model Dev., 10, 2947–2969,,, 2017
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The SWOT satellite will provide a step change in our ability to measure the sea surface height over large areas, and so improve operational ocean forecasts, but will be affected by large correlated errors. We found that while SWOT observations without these errors significantly improved our system, including correlated errors degraded most variables. To realise the full benefits offered by the SWOT mission, we must develop methods to account for correlated errors in ocean forecasting systems.