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Research article
02 Nov 2021
Research article |  | 02 Nov 2021

Defining Southern Ocean fronts using unsupervised classification

Simon D. A. Thomas, Daniel C. Jones, Anita Faul, Erik Mackie, and Etienne Pauthenet

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Unsupervised classification of the northwestern European seas based on satellite altimetry data
Lea Poropat, Dani Jones, Simon D. A. Thomas, and Céline Heuzé
Ocean Sci., 20, 201–215,,, 2024
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We propose a probabilistic method and a new inter-class comparison metric for highlighting fronts in the Southern Ocean. We compare it with an image processing method that provides a more localised view of fronts that effectively highlights sharp jets. These two complementary approaches offer two views of Southern Ocean structure: the probabilistic method highlights boundaries between coherent thermohaline structures across the entire Southern Ocean, whereas edge detection highlights local jets.