Articles | Volume 17, issue 5
Research article
22 Oct 2021
Research article |  | 22 Oct 2021

Western boundary circulation and coastal sea-level variability in Northern Hemisphere oceans

Samuel Tiéfolo Diabaté, Didier Swingedouw, Joël Jean-Marie Hirschi, Aurélie Duchez, Philip J. Leadbitter, Ivan D. Haigh, and Gerard D. McCarthy

Data sets

Spreadsheets for GSNW, KEI and tide gauge derived sea-level modes S. T. Diabaté, D. Swingedouw, J. J.-M. Hirschi, A. Duchez, P. J. Leadbitter, I. D. Haigh, and G. D. McCarthy

World ocean atlas 2018, volume 1: Temperature M. Locarnini, A. Mishonov, O. Baranova, T. Boyer, M. Zweng, H. Garcia, D. Seidov, K. Weathers, C. Paver, and I. Smolyar

Short summary
The Gulf Stream and the Kuroshio are major currents of the North Atlantic and North Pacific, respectively. They transport warm water northward and are key components of the Earth climate system. For this study, we looked at how they affect the sea level of the coasts of Japan, the USA and Canada. We found that the inshore sea level co-varies with the north-to-south shifts of the Gulf Stream and Kuroshio. In the paper, we discuss the physical mechanisms that could explain the agreement.