Articles | Volume 17, issue 4
Ocean Sci., 17, 1115–1140, 2021
Ocean Sci., 17, 1115–1140, 2021

Research article 23 Aug 2021

Research article | 23 Aug 2021

Simulated zonal current characteristics in the southeastern tropical Indian Ocean (SETIO)

Nining Sari Ningsih et al.

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Hydrology of inland tropical lowlands: the Kapuas and Mahakam wetlands
Hidayat Hidayat, Adriaan J. Teuling, Bart Vermeulen, Muh Taufik, Karl Kastner, Tjitske J. Geertsema, Dinja C. C. Bol, Dirk H. Hoekman, Gadis Sri Haryani, Henny A. J. Van Lanen, Robert M. Delinom, Roel Dijksma, Gusti Z. Anshari, Nining S. Ningsih, Remko Uijlenhoet, and Antonius J. F. Hoitink
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 21, 2579–2594,,, 2017
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Detailed ocean currents in the southeastern tropical Indian Ocean have not been fully explained because of limited observations. Here, zonal current characteristics in the region have been studied using 64-year HYCOM results (1950–2013). This study has revealed distinctive features of current variations on various timescales. Current vertical structures, their responses to remote forcings from the Pacific and Indian oceans, and contributions of each timescale have all been investigated.