Articles | Volume 16, issue 6
Research article
12 Nov 2020
Research article |  | 12 Nov 2020

Extreme waves and climatic patterns of variability in the eastern North Atlantic and Mediterranean basins

Verónica Morales-Márquez, Alejandro Orfila, Gonzalo Simarro, and Marta Marcos

Data sets

Northern Hemisphere teleconnection patterns National Weather Service, Climate Prediction Center

WAVEWATCH III 30-year Hindcast Phase 2 Environmental Modeling Center, NOAA NWS National Centers for Environmental Prediction

Short summary
This is a study of long-term changes in extreme waves and in the synoptic patterns related to them on European coasts. The interannual variability of extreme waves in the North Atlantic Ocean is controlled by the atmospheric patterns of the North Atlantic Oscillation and Scandinavian indices. In the Mediterranean Sea, it is governed by the East Atlantic and East Atlantic/Western Russia modes acting strongly during their negative phases.