Articles | Volume 14, issue 4
Ocean Sci., 14, 783–800, 2018

Special issue: Coastal marine infrastructure in support of monitoring, science,...

Ocean Sci., 14, 783–800, 2018

Research article 09 Aug 2018

Research article | 09 Aug 2018

Acoustic Doppler current profiler observations of migration patternsof zooplankton in the Cretan Sea

Emmanuel Potiris et al.

Data sets

ADCP data from Poseidon E1-M3A observatory G. Petihakis, M. Ntoumas, M. Pettas, C. Frangoulis, A. Kalampokis, and E. Potiris

Short summary
Zooplankton and fishes found below a depth of 200 m may perform a vertical migration to the surface waters. The migration patterns (from 400 m to the surface) of four groups of organisms were studied in the deep (1500 m) eastern Mediterranean (Cretan Sea) for 2.5 years. The lunar cycle, daylight duration, cloudiness and presence of predators and prey explain their migration variability. This phenomenon is important as it constitutes an active transport of organic matter over large distances.