Articles | Volume 14, issue 5
Ocean Sci., 14, 1223–1245, 2018

Special issue: Coastal marine infrastructure in support of monitoring, science,...

Ocean Sci., 14, 1223–1245, 2018

Review article 12 Oct 2018

Review article | 12 Oct 2018

An integrated open-coastal biogeochemistry, ecosystem and biodiversity observatory of the eastern Mediterranean – the Cretan Sea component of the POSEIDON system

George Petihakis et al.

Data sets

ADCP data from Poseidon E1-M3A observatory Petihakis, G., Ntoumas, M., Pettas, M., Frangoulis, C., Kalampokis, A., and Potiris, E.

Short summary
Integrated oceanic observations on multiple processes including biogeochemistry are scarce. In the eastern Mediterranean (Cretan Sea) the spatiotemporal coverage of such observations has increased with the expansion of the POSEIDON observatory. The observatory addresses scientific questions, provides services to policy makers and society, and serves as a technological test bed. It plays a key role in European and international observing programs, in harmonization procedures and data handling.