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Research article
29 Aug 2017
Research article |  | 29 Aug 2017

Determination of dissolved nitric oxide in coastal waters of the Yellow Sea off Qingdao

Chun-Ying Liu, Wei-Hua Feng, Ye Tian, Gui-Peng Yang, Pei-Feng Li, and Hermann W. Bange

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Acrylic acid and related dimethylated sulfur compounds in the Bohai and Yellow seas during summer and winter
Xi Wu, Pei-Feng Li, Hong-Hai Zhang, Mao-Xu Zhu, Chun-Ying Liu, and Gui-Peng Yang
Biogeosciences, 17, 1991–2008,,, 2020
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Photoproduction of nitric oxide in seawater
Ye Tian, Gui-Peng Yang, Chun-Ying Liu, Pei-Feng Li, Hong-Tao Chen, and Hermann W. Bange
Ocean Sci., 16, 135–148,,, 2020
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Nitric oxide (NO) in the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea
Ye Tian, Chao Xue, Chun-Ying Liu, Gui-Peng Yang, Pei-Feng Li, Wei-Hua Feng, and Hermann W. Bange
Biogeosciences, 16, 4485–4496,,, 2019
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We developed a new method for the determination of dissolved nitric oxide (NO) in discrete seawater samples based on the combination of a purge-and-trap setup and a fluorometric detection of NO. With this method we have a reliable and comparably easy to use method to measure oceanic NO surface concentrations, which can be used to decipher both its temporal and spatial distributions as well as its biogeochemical pathways in the oceans.