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11 Apr 2017
Research article |  | 11 Apr 2017

Marine mammal tracks from two-hydrophone acoustic recordings made with a glider

Elizabeth T. Küsel, Tessa Munoz, Martin Siderius, David K. Mellinger, and Sara Heimlich

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High-resolution observations in the western Mediterranean Sea: the REP14-MED experiment
Reiner Onken, Heinz-Volker Fiekas, Laurent Beguery, Ines Borrione, Andreas Funk, Michael Hemming, Jaime Hernandez-Lasheras, Karen J. Heywood, Jan Kaiser, Michaela Knoll, Baptiste Mourre, Paolo Oddo, Pierre-Marie Poulain, Bastien Y. Queste, Aniello Russo, Kiminori Shitashima, Martin Siderius, and Elizabeth Thorp Küsel
Ocean Sci., 14, 321–335,,, 2018
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Approach: In situ Observations | Depth range: All Depths | Geographical range: Mediterranean Sea | Phenomena: Biological Processes
Zooplankton diel vertical migration in the Corsica Channel (north-western Mediterranean Sea) detected by a moored acoustic Doppler current profiler
Davide Guerra, Katrin Schroeder, Mireno Borghini, Elisa Camatti, Marco Pansera, Anna Schroeder, Stefania Sparnocchia, and Jacopo Chiggiato
Ocean Sci., 15, 631–649,,, 2019
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Acoustic Doppler current profiler observations of migration patternsof zooplankton in the Cretan Sea
Emmanuel Potiris, Constantin Frangoulis, Alkiviadis Kalampokis, Manolis Ntoumas, Manos Pettas, George Petihakis, and Vassilis Zervakis
Ocean Sci., 14, 783–800,,, 2018
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Observations of a phytoplankton spring bloom onset triggered by a density front in NW Mediterranean
A. Olita, S. Sparnocchia, S. Cusí, L. Fazioli, R. Sorgente, J. Tintoré, and A. Ribotti
Ocean Sci., 10, 657–666,,, 2014

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An ocean glider was tested during the REP14-MED experiment off the western coast of the island of Sardinia as a platform for recording sounds produced by whales and dolphins using two sensors. Sperm whale clicks as well as dolphin clicks and whistles were identified in the recordings. Automatically detected sperm whale clicks were used to estimate animal tracks. Such information is useful for marine mammal density estimation studies that use passive acoustics.