Articles | Volume 12, issue 3
Ocean Sci., 12, 825–842, 2016
Ocean Sci., 12, 825–842, 2016

Research article 27 Jun 2016

Research article | 27 Jun 2016

Major improvement of altimetry sea level estimations using pressure-derived corrections based on ERA-Interim atmospheric reanalysis

Loren Carrere et al.

Data sets

OSTM/Jason-2 products handbook, SALP-MU-M-OP-15815-CN AVISO

Short summary
New dynamic atmospheric (DAC_ERA) and dry tropospheric (DT_ERA) correction have been computed for the altimeter period using the ERA-Interim meteorological reanalysis. The corrections improve sea level estimations in Southern Ocean and in shallow waters; the impact is the most important for the first decade of altimetry, when operational meteorological models had a weaker quality. DT_ERA remains better in the recent period. New corrections significantly impact long-term regional trends.